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MAC Holiday 2011 Gift Collection - Ice Parade: Bags and Kits

As I stated earlier this week, MAC's major holiday releases were divided up into a colour collection and a gift collection.  We have already looked at the colour collection (usually my favorite of the two releases) and today we will look at all the assorted gifts and sets that MAC is bringing out this year.  I always prefer the colour collection when shopping for myself but I have given gifts from the other collection to friends our the past few years.  My goal with the next few posts covering the whole gift collection is to begin getting some idea for friends and coworkers and really begin my Christmas shopping.

The gift collection is named Ice Parade and like every other year, MAC has broken it down into categories.  The gift collection is usually so large that it has to be broken or all the lovely sets just begin to blend together in my head.  The first group is the Bags and Kits collection and all of the products come in cute little silver bags that can be used as little party bags or makeup bags.  "Here it comes!  A sparkling lineup of everything a stylish snow queen desires!  Snow globe-inspired compacts, side by side with future-chic gift sets that satisfy your lust for MAC Holiday.  Wish list ready!  Let the parade begin!  Limited edition."
The Bags & Kits part of the Ice Parade collection...

Iced Delights Eye Bag/Silver - Silver in the limelight!  Sparkly, velvety blue, too!  Lashes rise to the occasion.  An entrance made fabulous by this combo's iconic crystal-clear bag!  Zoomlash, Technakohl, duo-shadow compact, and our mini 275 brush all take a bow!  Limited edition.
- Silverwear Eye Shadow - metallic lavender (Frost)
- Blue Spruce Eye Shadow - marine blue with lavender sparkle (Velvet)
- Graphblack Technakohl Eyeliner - rich graphic black
- Zoomblack Zoomlash Mascara - deepest black

Iced Delights Eye Bag/Pearl - Sultry and soulful - this duet of two key shadows - Taupeless and Celestial Midnight!  Joining them for the performance: Zoomlash, Purple Dash Technakohl, and Holiday 11 must-haves - our glitter handled 275 SE brush and a snow globe bag!  Limited edition.
- Taupeless Eye Shadow - lavender pink (Lustre)
- Celestial Black Eye Shadow - rich blue black with red pearl (Velvet)
- Purple Dash Technakohl Eyeliner - intense purple
- Zoomblack Zoomlash Mascara - deepest black

Iced Delights Eye Bag/Gold - A chilling duet.  Two shadows at play.  Baby, It's Cold Outside and Woodsmoke comete for frosty finishes.  Following their moves, a Brown Border of Technakohl and Zoomlash.  The glitter handled 275 Brush and chic makeup bag join in!  Limited edition.
- Baby, It's Cold Outside Eye Shadow - butter yellow frost (Frost)
- Woodsmoke Eye Shadow - muted emerald green (Frost)
- Brownborder Technakohl Eyeliner - deep chocolate brown
- Zoomblack Zoomlash Mascara - deepest black

Iced Delights Lip Bag/Wintercool - Showing off their high fashion paces - our Cremesheen Duo Fashion Whim and Creme de Nude along with promo-sized Stripdown Lip Pencil.  Wintercool fleshtones and our clear snow globe-inspired bag add to the delight.  Limited edition.
- Creme de Nude Cremesheen Lipstick - pale muted cream beige (Cremesheen)
- Fashion Whim Cremesheen Lipglass - pink flesh (Cremesheen)
- Stripdown Lip Pencil - creamy brown-beige

Iced Delights Lip Bag/Sultry - A winning combination!  The Cremesheen duo of Deelight & I Love Winter with the promo-sized Boldy Bare Lip Pencil score haute marks in sultry!  Joining them for the encore: our snow globe-inspired bag!  Limited edition.
- I Love Winter Cremesheen Lipstick - medium passionfruit (Cremesheen)
- Deelight Cremesheen Lipglass - raisonette (Cremesheen)
- Boldy Bare Lip Pencil - dirty red brown

Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag/Rocking - Kanga Rouge Lipstick, Golden Blanket Lipglass, and promo-sized Asiatique Nail Lacquer rock the night away with an amped up power-mix!  Metal fans will love the pop-star flash & glam of our fabulous snow globe-inspired bag!  Limited edition.
- Kanga Rouge Lipstick - bright red (Amplified)
- Golden Blanket Lipglass - translucent with silver pearl (Frost)
- Asiatique Nail Lacquer - bright cherry red (Cream)

Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag/Pure Drama - Three of the most dashingly festive sugar plums in town: Frozen Lame Lipglass, Hang Up Lipstick, and mini-sized deep, dark Vintage Vamp Nail Lacquer.  Tucked inside their snow globe party bag the signal is clear: party drama is here!  Limited edition.
- Hang Up Cremesheen Lipstick - deep berry (Cremesheen)
- Frozen Lame Lipglass - frosty nude (Frost)
- Vintage Vamp Nail Lacquer - rich deep retro wine (Cream)

Make It Perfect Brush Kit/Essential - Glam up those every day applications with these chic special edition 129 SE, 190 SE, 275 SE, 266 SE, and 226 SE brushes.  With their glittering clear-as-ice handles and snow globe-inspired bag, they're fashionably cool - highly giftable too!  Limited edition.

Make It Perfect Brush Kit/Special Edition - Rare as a special edition: a chic collectible.  With their glittering clear-as-ice handles and see-through snow globe-inspired bag, this set of the 167 SE, 168 SE, 239 SE, 217 SE, and the all-white 212 SE is a must for your wish list!  Limited edition.

Make It Perfect Brush Kit/Mineralize - An outstandingly chic set of four key Mineralize brushes: the 187 SE, 130 SE, 286 Duo Fibre Shader Brush.  With glittering clear-as-ice handles and snow globe-inspired bag, more than perfect; way cool.  Limited edition.
My favorite pieces to both give and receive from this part of the collection are the Nail & Lip Bags.  My favorite is the Pure Drama bag, a set containing shades of deep berries and wines.  The Rocking Nail & Lip Bag is a close second favorite since it contains shades of red, including a red MAC Lipstick that I haven't tried yet.  I think that it is safe to say that I will be buying both of these bags for myself.

From the Eye Bags, the only one that I can really see myself getting use from is the Pearl Bag with the blacks and purples in it.  The other two both contain at least one shade that I would get no use from and it would make more sense for me to buy the shades that I do like from these bags individually.  The Lip Bags present the exact same issue, I never use Lip Pencil so I know that all of these would go wasted in these bags.  As for the brush bags, I will just buy whatever brushes I need in the full size.  The Nail & Lip are the best gifts in this collection but I could see myself giving any of the collection as gifts and I know that both friends and coworkers would be very happy to receive them.

photo courtesy of MAC

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