Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Clarins Holiday 2011 Collection - Passion

The Clarins holiday collection has just appeared on their website and now I can check out some of the neew colors when I head off to the counter to buy skincare.  I have really been into the primer that I have been using from them and have been trying out some of the samples that the counter manager gave me the last time that I was there.  So far, I am very impressed with the skincare from this company and I am hoping that I get the same types of results from trying their color collection, normally companies have great makeup and fair skincare products so I am really hoping that this company has spectacular makeup products.

Passion is a very small collection, consisting of only four products.  In addition, I believe that only one of them is brand new to the line and will be limited edition (do not quote me on this though), the Passion Face Palette.  When I look at the model for this collection, she appears to have reddish pink eye makeup on, a odd choice for holiday makeup looks.  I'm honestly not sure what I think of the eye makeup in this collection, I have never found red eye makeup to be very flattering on my skintone.  I can't say that I am all that excited about the eye shadow palette in this collection however I find the lip shade that the model is wearing to be quite lovely.
The newest collection from Clarins...

Passion Face Palette - An incredibly light compact powder for a perfectly even and luminous collection.  The palette contains warm shades of pinks with gold veining on them. 

Eye Quartet Mineral Palette - Highly concentrated in mineral pigments, these eye shadows light up all eyes.  Their wet and dry texture is extremely soft on application.  Easy to blend and shade, their colours are both subtle and even.  Harmonies of satin and iridescent shades offer a variety of effects.  For a superb, long-lasting makeup result.
- 07 Smokey Passion - deep cool rose/shimmering silver/black with silver glitter/deep warm plum with cool shimmer

Instant Definition Mascara - A dual-purpose, ultra-volume, intense colour mascara with a rich formula that enchances the beauty of all types of lashes.
- Black - true black

Rouge Prodige True Color and Shine Lipstick - An unrivalled formula that delivers long-lasting lip colour, shine, and hold that lasts for hours.  High Fidelity Pearl technology ensures that colour and shine stay true for hours while the creamy, rich texture provides nourishing skin care benefits to lips.  A wide range of colours to choose from to create your own glamorous look.
- 131 Passion Rose - cool medium rose
My first thought when I looked in detail at these products surrounded the eye makeup on the model for the collection and what shades are actaully contained in the eye palette for this collection.  I can tell that the model is wearing the rose shade but when I looked at the picture, it becomes evident that she is wearing an additional shade that is not in the palette.  I can only assume that the makeup artist used the Passion Face Palette on her eyes with the rose shade in the palette, that is the only combination of the products in this collection that would get that reddist shade on the eyes.  Needless to say, I won't be trying to figure out how they did it since I don't want to replicate it.

All my thoughts on the makeup that was done on the model aside...  This is a lovely eye palette and I wish that the model's look was based on this palette since the options for a sultry eye are infinite.  I am looking forward to trying it out at the counter and combining the silver shade with all the of the others.  I can safely skip over the face palette, especially if it really appears that red hue on the skin.  Lastly, the lipstick shade in this collection would be a great everyday neutral to wear in professional environment or against a strong eye look.

photo courtesy of Clarins

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