Monday, July 30, 2012

MAC Electric Cool

The newest release from MAC centers around a new eye shadow formula, a product that I have heard is a re-release of the awful Big Bounce formula from last fall.  If this indeed is a re-release, then I must say that I hope this company has really updated and changed this formula, I played with it at the counter and couldn't find any aspect that I liked about it even though there were some very pretty shades that were offered it the formula.  From what I remember that eye shadow formula was not a hit and I never saw it again its initial release at the counters.  I hope that MAC has learned a bit from that major mistake!

The Electric Cool collection has just appeared on the MAC website, I visited my counter on Friday night and there was no display for this collection.  All of the sales associates were busy so I wasn't able to inquire about the shades or formula so I had to find my information from other sources.  The best post about this new eye shadow formula was found on the Temptalia website (the link is on the right side of my blog under other blogs that I read) and I will cover the release, the formula, and the shades today.  If I decide to purchase one or more shades after writing them up and playing with the formula at the counter, then I will update with any additional information that I have learned.  The MAC website described this shadow formula as "springy", immediately this brings one of my new favorite eye shadow formulas to mind: Chanel Illusion d'Ombre.  That formula is not a traditional cream, it is more spongy and dries down to a powder finish.  Based on this description, I have very high hopes for this product.  Temptalia states that this formula is best for creating a shimmery wash of color and are easier to use alone.  This is how I prefer to use the Chanel eye shadows so this new line should work well for me!

From the MAC website, "Your new fashion eye power source.  Electrifying pigments fuse with high frost for maximum color wattage and texture.  12 limited-edition shades flip the switch for off-the-grid looks.  Spark it with Superwatt.  Amp it with Highly Charged.  Shock it with Fashion Circuit."  I would be interested in these shades for a single wash of shimmering color, I am interested in purchasing silvers, golds, or bronzes from this new formula. 

The newest eye shadow formula from MAC!

Electric Cool Eye Shadow - A soft, lightweight, springy formula delivers hue-rich colour in a modern mode.  One touch and you'll be wired into its sensational blending power.  Medium-to-high coverage transforms eyes.  Use the 249 Large Shader Brush to provide pro-quality pick-up and distribution.
- Pure Flash! - pale champagne
- Love Power - soft shimmering rose
- Superwatt - light shimmering taupe
- Electroplate - cool gunmetal gray
- Coil - copper bronze
- Dynamo - midtone coral
- Brilliantly Lit - bright acid yellow green
- Infra-Violet - midtone pink violet with blue pearl
- Fashion Circuit - bright kelly green
- Switch - rich cobalt
- Highly Charged - rich purple with pink pearl
- Blacklit - black with multidimensional pearl

The range of shades is very colorful and I do find that much nicer than the range of shades from Chanel, I have often wished that Illusion d'Ombre came in more than a handful of shades since I could buy them without a second thought!  As I stated above, I am still most likely to order the shadow in the taupe or bronze shades.  I would want to try the formula before I buy the colorful shades, if I can't layer or mix this formula then I doubt that I will be buying the colorful shades.  I will start out with Superwatt and Coil, I know that I would use both of these shades by themselves and then will work with layering them together and with other formula shadows. 

If I like the formula but can't really layer the shadows, then I will stop with the two that I have listed above.  If I turns out that I can layer two of more shades together, then I will start trying some fo the more colorful shades.  If I can, then I would be interested in purchasing the Infra-Violet shade, the bright pink is lovely and I would try to layer it with a silver for a night out. 

The application method is something that I will want to ask the sales associate at the counter about before I make my purchase, is the listed brush a must-have for application?  I prefer to use a small, stiff bristle brush or my fingers to apply the Chanel formula and would want to use the same application method for this formula is possible.  I will need to go back to the counter sinc eI still have some unanswered questions about this product and will need some advice on it.

photo courtesy of MAC

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