Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Benefit Feelin' Dandy Lip and Cheek Kit

We have already looked at the first of the new Benefit sets, the Go TropiCoral set will be best for the summer months or a skintone that is naturally tanner than mine.  I haven't seen them at the stores yet so I haven't decided if I plan to buy that set now and set it aside for the next summer season.  I should be totally focused on fall shopping but I am now already thinking about things that I might love next spring and summer and how I plan to try and store all of these products, the last behavior that I need to adopt is shopping all year round for every season but these Benefit sets might inspire that in me!

Today we are looking at another one of the new sets, Feelin' Dandy is another lip and cheek-based set of products however the shades look like they will be on the cooler side and therefore a set that I could actually use going into the fall and winter months.  I have been insisting that I need to buy more eye makeup products this fall and not more blushes and lip shades however I am not heeding my own advice and have been buying all different types of products if I love them.  My lip gloss and lipstick collection is really getting too large but that hasn't stopped me yet and I doubt that it will any time over the next few months...

As of right now, this set will only be available at the Sephora stores and on their website in early August.  "A perk-me-up lip and cheek kit in assorted pinks.  You'll look radiant and pretty with this pocket-size lip and cheek kit that features a tint, award-winning cheek color, luscious gloss, and sexy highlighter - all in a pretty mirrored box - so you can add a pop of color to your look morning, noon, or night."  This set contains - Posietint, Dandelion Box O' Powder, High Beam Highlighter, and Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Dandelion.  I love all the pink shades for both lips and cheeks that are in this set, this set has my name written all over and I will have no problems pulling off any of the products contained in it!

Here are some more details about the products that are housed in the Feelin' Dandy Set!

Posietint - A poppy-tinted lip and cheek stain.  Benefit's Posietint is a petal-pink stain that plants a kiss of see-through tint on cheeks and lips.  With hours of smudge-proof, just-picked perfection, you'll be the prettiest bloom in the bunch!

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss - A silky, plush gloss that glides onto lips.  This dazzling lip gloss drenches your lips in brilliant shine and a burst of juicy color that's never sticky.  Loaded with crystal brilliance, color glides on smooth.  Just one stroke will give you glimmering, shimmering lips.  The irresistible shades, from sultry nudes to punchy pinks, come in soft-squeeze tubes with a custom tip designed for perfectly even application.  To create a beautifully pulled-together look in seconds, pair your favorite gloss with it complementing box o' powder.
- Dandelion - soft pearly pink

Box O' Powder in Dandelion - Fake awake with Dandelion - Benefit's ballerina-pink pressed pink highlighting powder.  Just one stroke of Dandelion takes your complexion from dull to radiant in an instant.  It's shimmery, satiny, radiant, perk-me-up finish is guaranteed to make them wonder...'How do you look so pretty at eight in the morning?".

High Beam Highlighter - A luminescent complexion enhancer.  Benefit High Beam is an ethereal pink liquid highlighter that creates a radiantly dewy complexion.  For an angelic sheen, this pink shimmering lotion adds a soft, natural afterglow.  It's a "supermodel in a bottle" and perfectly alluring on all skin tones.
This is one of the few sets where I know that I would use every single product in the whole case.  Posietint will be a great bright pink stain that I plan to use as a blush, I can wear this now and then all the way into the cool weather months.  I don't know that I would it as a lip color quite as much but I like having the option, I just love this bright pink shade!  The Box O' Powder is a lighter pink so I would save this shade for fall and winter, light pinks tend to show up better when I don't have a fake tan and I am wearing brighter shades right now that pop against my tan.  The matching lip gloss will work well all year long for me, any shade of pale pink will work for me and I will use it on a regular basis.  Lastly, I would use the High Beam at night to enhance the area around my eyes and cheekbones. 

This is my favorite of the boxes that we have looked at so far and this is the one that I want the most.  Any shade of pink is usually very flattering for me and this set would add some great choices to my makeup arsenal.  I love been loving Benefit products recently and this set is another hit.  We have one more set to look at over the next few days and hopefully the Sephora website will get them at the very beginning of August so I can head over there very soon.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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