Saturday, July 28, 2012

MAC A Touch of Summer

Last week, MAC released one last summer collection, why this collection was released now is beyond me since I have been looking at their fall collections for the past three weeks.  This collection is a vewry small group of products and shades that will complement a tan for the last few weeks of summer.  Personally, this is the time of the year that I have the best tan and it will continue all the way until Labor Day.  I haven't been buying summer products for the past two months now so I doubt that I will be adding any pieces of this collection to my pile of products.  I do think that this collection is a group of permanent products so I will be refering back to this post early next summer and deciding what I want then.

This collection is online only and contains a real variety of products.  This might be the only time that we will ever see a collection that consists of a lipstick, a leg spray, and a facial bronzer.  I think that this collection could have been a put together slightly better...  "MAC's got the golden touch with our online collection for summer.  From Skinsheen Leg Spray and Bronzing Powder to Sheen Supreme Lipstick, here's everything you need for those glowing days ahead."

Here are the collection products...

Sheen Supreme Lipstick - Combining the colour impact of a Lipstick with the shine sheen of a Lipglass, Sheen Supreme creates the perfect hybrid - with no compromise.  Lightweight, non-sticky, slick to apply, and comfortable to wear.  This is a must-have for all those who have craved this kind of fusion.
- Impressive - neutral gilded plum
- Supreme Style - light coral with pink
- Supremely Confident - pale nude

Bronzing Powder - A lightly frosted, tinted powder that gives skin sheer, natural color effects and highlights.  Ideal for enhancing a skin tone or to accent or strengthen a tan.  Skin-conditioning and formulated to provide a smooth, even application on all skin types.
- Refined Gold - finely spun golden with soft pearl
- Matte Bronze - bare shouldered bronze

Skinsheen Leg Spray - A smooth-on, gel-based bronzer that's soft and mousse-like to apply yet provides sheer to low coverage with subtle sheen and radiance.
- Medium Dark - sheer soft bronze with golden tan pearl

182 Buffer Brush - A full, dome-shaped brush of extra soft goat hair.  Specially created to flawlessly blend powder onto skin for an immaculate polished finish.  Excellent for all MAC powders and pigments.

I can't say that I will be buying any of these shades or products at the moment, I wouldn't get enough use from them in the next five or six weeks to make it worth the purchase.  I will look back at this post next April or May when I am planning out my summer beauty product shopping and then make some decisions.  I would be most interested in the bronzers, I have been using one of the MAC Hey, Sailor! bronzers for the past two months and I have been in love with the results.  I will actually miss this bronzer when I stop self-tanning after Labor Day...

The Leg Spray interests me but I have never really needed a product like this, I tend to start self-tanning right around Memorial Day and go right until after Labor Day.  I would only really consider a product like this if I had to wear a dress for an occasion in early spring and felt very self consious about my pale skin.  This might be a nice product to have but I don't see myself using it on a regular basis.  I will decide on this one next spring too...

photo courtesy of MAC

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