Friday, November 2, 2012

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

One of the products that I go through the quickest is lip balm, especiall in the winter months.  Therefore I know that I need to find and buy a good one before temperatures start to regularly dip below freezing during the night.  I have used some good lip balms over the past few years but I often end up trying balms that don't deliver at all or that I go through much too quickly for the size of the product, in fact the only product that I have continued to purchase over the years is the Rosebud Salve from Smith.  Even though I have been let down very often in the past, I still continue to buy and try new lip balm formulas in the hopes that I will find at least one more formula that I really love.  Perhaps I will be successful one of these days...

This time I decided to try a lip treatment product from Clinique, I had never seen this product before until I browsing one day on the Sephora website.  I don't quite know why I have never seen this at the counters before, I can only assume that I missed it somehow as the packaging is very plain and I don't know if it was grouped with the lip or the skincare products at the counters.  Or maybe it is a newer product that has just been released, I haven't visited one of the counters in at least a month.  Whatever the case may be, I ordered the Superbalm Lip Treatment from the Sephora website the other week and have been using it the past few days.  I have been impressed with many of the Clinique skincare products in the past and I have used and loved many of their lip products so I had very high hopes for this product.

From the Sephora website, "Deeply hydrating balm that helps to repair distressed lips and replenishes moisture loss."  I realized that I had actually used and liked this formula before, the Superbalm gloss is the same hydrating formula with just a hint of color.  I had used these glosses for the past few years and still have them in several shades. 

Basically, if you have ever used one of these glosses, this product is just like that lip gloss without any of the pigment.  It is on the thicker side of liquid balms and therefore lasts pretty well, I usually get about two to three hours wear out of it before I need to reapply (it lasts longer at night of course) hwoever it will come out as soon as anytime touches my lips or I drink/eat anything.  This balm is very hydrating when it is applied to the lips but I do think that it could hold the moisture in a bit longer after it comes off, I may never be happy with any product in this respect but I still believe that this product could have performed a bit better in this aspect and this is the major downfall of the product.

This product is a very good basic lip balm, it hydrates but doesn't provide any unique or fanstastic results.  I like that it is housed in a simple squeeze tube and a small amount of the product goes a pretty long way, this product lasts much longer than other balm I have tried since I do not need to apply it quite as many times as I do other products.  It has no real smell or taste, an aspect that doesn't really bother me but isn't exactly a plus.  This balm is too glossy for a male to use it so this is strictly female usage product.  This is one of the better balms that I have tried and will work well for a purse or pocket since I hate dipping my finger into the pot of Rose Salve when I am not at home.  This balm is better than Rose Salve for when I am on the go, I would be more likely to keep this in my bag and the Rose Salve by my bed for nighttime.

Good, solid performing product and it will get me through the next few weeks.  This is one of the few products that I would consider repurchasing when I run out of.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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