Saturday, November 10, 2012

Freeze 24/7 Skin Glace Daily Detoxifying Cleanser and Mask

If your skin is anything like mine, as soon as the temperatures begin to drop, my face becomes much drier and I am using more hydrating products than ever before in the year on my face.  This is the time of the year that I tend to go through skincare products the fastest and am almost always trying something new to see if I can find a new gem to add to my permanent skincare collection.  Usually I spend most of my money on serums and moisturizers but I decided to try something different and add a new cleanser to my skincare regime.  I had seen the Freeze 24/7 Skin Glace several years ago at Nordstrom and was interested in it from the moment that the counter sales associate tried a bit of it on my skin.  Somehow the product feels as though it is cleaning out every single one of my pores and cooling my skin at the exact same time...this is not the normal style of product that I go after so even though I was very interested in it, I skipped over it for the moment.

I have remained interested in it for the past few years so I just decided to take the plunge and add it to my Nordstrom cart and see how it works on my face.  Foaming face cleansers are usually not my top choice this time of the year but I reasoned with myself that if it really seemed drying I would then just put it aside until next spring and then use it again.  As of right now, I have used the product three times without any dryness or irritation problems so I think it is safe for me to keep using it throughout the rest of the fall and then into the winter. 

Why did this product capture my attention and then hold it for the next few years?  The answer is that is just so different than anyting else on the market especially when I first looked at it in the beginning of 2009.  It comes out as a bright teal gel and then quickly foams up when it is applied to the face.  I have never used a product like this before and deicided that it was time for me to try something completely different several weeks ago.  Using this product now has me craving all different types of skincare products and is breaking me away from my creamy cleansers a bit...

The product is available from Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and several other department stores, along with the Freeze 24/7 website.  The best product description is from the Freeze 24/7 website so this is where I pulled all of my information from.  "Want gorgeous skin fast? Why not multi-task?
Use our daily self-foaming cleanser to dissolve impurities, sweep away imperfections and get smooth, supple skin on contact. Use as a daily mask to take average skin from 'so-so' to stunning in two minutes flat.  Contains a proprietary complex of Bio-transformed Rice Bran and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein for deep cleansing, maximum skin purification, detoxification and hydration.  Effectively unclogs pores, removes excess oil and impurities.  Leaves skin visibly soft, supple, and healthy.  Replenishes skin’s natural moisture balance.  Calms red, irritated skin.  Dissolves make-up and other impurities.  Can be used as an effective shaving cream for men and women." 

This product contains the patented Freeze 24/7 anti-aging technology, a GABA-based ingredient set that produces both instant results and long term benefits.  I have used many Freeze 24/7 products over the years and have never been unhappy with anything from this company.  I don't need the serum yet from this company, however I have seen great results from the cleansers and moisturizers.  I can see an immediate different in my skin after use of this cleanser and am also beginning to see the rest of the soothing benefits from the product. 

This product can be used as a daily cleanser or a mask.  The Freeze 24/7 website provides instructions on how to use it either way.  I really appreciate that this company takes the time to provide full instructions and make sure that the user really gets the full benefits from the products.  To use as a daily mask: "Smooth a generous amount of product evenly over damp face and throat, avoiding the eye area. A rich foam mask will immediately form on skin. Leave on for 1-2 minutes allowing product to draw out impurities and hydrate skin. Rinse well with water by massaging in a circular motion OR simply wipe away with a dry cloth, tissue or towel."  To use as a daily cleanser: "Lather and massage evenly onto damp face and neck. Rinse well with water by massaging in a circular motion OR simply wipe away with a dry cloth, tissue or towel."

I use this product slightly differently than the brand suggests, I use it once or twice a week as a mask to help deep clean and brighten.  I don't really think that I need to use this product every single day, I would only recommend it for daily use if you have oily skin and/or acne issues.  I don't need that much deep cleansing action every single day.  I get the most benefits from the soothing and redness-reducing properties from this product.  After use as a mask, my skin looks instantly brighter and ask several uses, the redness in my cheeks is lessened and now is much easier to conceal with a light layer of foundation or tinted moisturizer. 

The foaming action is the most unique aspect of this product, I am sure that the same results could be achieved with another type of mask or cleanser however the texture of the gel and then the feel of the fomaing action is what will make this product one that I continue to purchase.  As soon as the product hits the skin, it starts to foam up and you will swear that yoiu can feel it cleaning out your pores.  After about two minutes, the foaming action has finished and I rinsed the mask off.  The mask cools my skin and I want to try it when I get very stressed out from school and my skin will get bright red and heat up, I can't wait to see the results when I use it then. 

I love this mask and wish that I wouldn't have waited so long to try it.  I will keep using it once a week in the cold weather months but I bet that I could go up to twice a week during the warm weather.  This will never be a daily cleansing product for me but this will be a product that I continue to order from Nordstrom and that will hold a very special place in my skincare collection!

photo courtesy of Freeze 24/7

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