Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LUSH Holiday 2012 Bar Soaps

We have just wrapped up the bath products from this company and now we are moving onto to another favorite LUSH product of mine, Bar Soaps.  I mostly use bar soaps in the winter months as some of the chemicals in traditional shower gels can really dry my skin out in the winter and soap is much gentler on my skin.  I have a hard time finding good bar soaps anymore, they are getting harder and harder to find in many traditional beauty product stores and I am turning to LUSH and the farmer's market to find great formulas to use.  The only other place that I have found great bar soaps is some of the independant etailers (Cleanse Your Soul) that I have ordered from in the past (I need to get back on ordering from this company, I haven't placed an order in way too long!) and I will need to keep ordering bar soaps online in order to get my fix for the winter months.

I have used several holiday bar soaps in the past from LUSH and I am so excited to see the limited edition soaps out again.  Every single holiday soap that I have used from this company is fantastic and I can't wait to reorder some favorites and try some new ones this time around!

Here are the holiday Bar Soaps!

Snowcake Bar Soap - Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive cake. So this holiday we brought back our customer favorite, Snowcake! This almond icing and marzipan scented confection is just what you need during the season of sweet indulgences. Its rich, creamy lather and rose absolute infusion make it a gentle treat for dry winter skin. So what are you waiting for? Grab a slice of this holiday treat before it’s gone.

Angel's Delight Bar Soap - When you're need of some holiday cheer, ask the angels to help raise your spirits. Our best-selling Angel’s Delight soap returns with the same merry tangerine and orange scent we all love. Inspired by the popular English custard of the same name, our uplifting sudser is just as sweet and fruity as the beloved dessert. If you're lucky enough to encounter a whole round of Angel's Delight in store, you're sure to be mesmerized by its beautiful gold moon "frame". LUSH co-founders Mark and Mo Constantine happened upon a similar gilded frame in an antique shop while on an inspiration trip to Venice, but we think they may have surpassed the original design with this beautiful soap!

Northern Lights Bar Soap - When designing new products, inspiration can come from the most faraway places. For our neon wonder, Northern Lights, a few of our lucky LUSH inventors traveled to Finland and were taken by the midnight light show called the aurora borealis. Once back in the UK they enlisted the help of our Finnish perfumer Pia, who created a phenomenally fresh scent that recalls the chilly adventure to the land of the midnight sun. She combined pine needle, cypress and lime oils to create a refreshing woodsy fragrance that’s as unique as the phenomenon this soap was inspired by.

Snow Globe Bar Soap - When the weather outside turns frightful and your spirits aren’t looking so bright, it’s time to lather up with Snow Globe soap. A blend of grapefruit, lemon and lemongrass oils refresh mind and soul after long, snowy days. As the season begins to take its toll, turn to this turquoise wonder to give you a feeling of relaxation. We add ylang ylang oil to help you keep calm during moments of festive frenetic energy. And those suspended white globes? We wanted to recreate those blizzards of faux snow you see swirling in traditional snow globes. No shaking required.

Spice Mountain Bar Soap - After an epic day of shredding the slopes, your muscles can get stiffer than that unfortunate fruitcake your granny sends every year. When you’re feeling in a pinch it’s time to unstrap your skis and lather up with this mulled wine scented sudser. We add a warming blend of clove bud and cinnamon leaf oils to heat things up and help ease stiff muscles. If you plan on skipping the slopes, this soap is perfect for those weekend warriors who have to string Christmas lights too.

Mr. Punch Bar Soap - When you turn it upside-down, this soap looks like a delicious bowl of punch with fruit floating in it. We were inspired to make a fruity, tropical, boozy punch scent for this soap, and we did so with juniper berry oil, blackcurrant absolute, lime oil and a splash of gin. That'll cheer you up on dark winter mornings!

I can't even pick my favorite of these Bar Soaps - I just want all of them!  I have used Angel's Delight (the soap pictured here) many times before and therefore I know that my order will start off with a large bar (or two) of this soap.  This soap smells exactly like a sweet orange scent and I have used it all year long.  I just love how pretty the bar itself is, it is just so nice to see it when I get up in the morning and it helps to start my day off right!

What other soaps do I want from this collection?  Snow Globe sounds great and I love citrus scents in the shower.  The aqua color of the bar is so pretty and it makes me love the product even more.  Snowcake is a wonderful almond scent and it is very easy to see why this soap became a best selling cult favorite for this company.  Good almond scents are rare and I would love to see a full product line in this scent.  LUSH are you listening?!

We have one more part of the holiday collection to look at, the rest of the body products that come out for the holiday season.  And this is the part that includes my favorite Snow Fairy line of products.  Snow Fairy!!

photo courtesy of LUSH

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