Friday, November 9, 2012

Nails Inc The After Party Nail Polish Set

I don't think that I have looked at nail polish shades and collections in about a week now and I guess that I am beginning to have withdrawal issues!  As soon as I logged onto the Sephora website this morning, I immediately started looking at nail polishes and went right to the Nails Inc brand, I haven't bought any new shades from this brand in well over a month (I have been all China Glaze and Illamasqua lately) and I think that I need to change that trend.  I see that Nails Inc has some cure new sets out for the holidays and therefore I have some new shades to buy and try.  I don't really know if this brand does seasonal collections, I haven't really been following them very long but I will have to keep my eyes open over the next few months and see what new shades come out...

Today I have my eyes on a set of three polishes that simply scream "Holiday!", this is a trio of three nail polish hues that are full of shimmer and glitter.  These nail shades are not for the faint of heart or a professional environment but will stand out at holiday parties.  I see a bright red shades in this set that looks exactly like Ruby Pumps...I wonder how many dupes of Ruby Pumps are now on the market.  I should track and count one day...when I have a bunch of vacation days and no schoolwork at all do...

The Sephora website states that this set is exclusive to their brand so I will have to order from this company and all details are from the Sephora website.  "A celebratory collection of three full-size, ultra-chic glitter polishes.  Just in time for the party, this trio of sparkling shades arrives as the perfect accessory to your little black dress. The runway-inspired polishes are full of dazzling sparkles and the professional formula ensures a super-glossy finish that lasts."

Here are the three shades that are offered in the set!

- Disco Lane - black holographic glitter
- Soho Street - rainbow chunky glitter
- Covent Garden Market - red full coverage glitter

I love the Covent Garden Market shade, this is shade that is very similar to Ruby Pumps so I an not surprised at how much I love it.  I don't really need it since I already own (and having starting celebrating the season by using) a full size bottle of Ruby Pumps.  I would also have to look and see if it only available in the set or if I could buy it alone.  I could skip over the shade at the moment however I might be more likely to buy a bottle of it once my bottle of Ruby Pumps starts beginning to get old.  I only really wear it around the holidays (once in a while during the rest of the year) so I will see what the bottle looks like in the beginning of January.

I like the Disco Lane shade, this is very unique and even though I don't wear black nail polish, I love this shade and it will really make a statement on the nail.  I would be likely to buy a single bottle of this shade but I don't really think that I would buy the entire set just for this color.  I don't like Soho Street at all so that is another negative for this set.

I like two of the shades in this set, however I do not need another dupe of Ruby Pumps when I already own the original shade.  Disco Lane is not a strong enough shade to make me buy the entire set just for it.  If I needed the red glitter shade, this set would be another story and I would order it (hoping the Soho Street looks better than it does in the picture) however I can't justify ordering the whole set for one shade...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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