Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LUSH Holiday 2012 Body Products

This is the last part of the LUSH holiday 2012 collection, we have looked at the bath products and bar soaps already and now we are heading into the smallest part of the collection.  We are going to finish up be looking at the assorted body products that have been released for the holiday season, including my favorite Snow Fairy products that I use all throughout the year.  I would love if Snow Fairy was available all year long but I guess that I will just have to stock up on the products this time of the year. 

The body products part of the collection is a combination of shower products, moisturizers, and then some of the hydrating massage bars.  Massage bars aren't exactly what my single self is looking for right now but I will state that they work very well for hydrating and I might use them throughout the winter when my skin is at its driest.  I am mostly looking for more shower products, LUSH makes shower gels in huge sizes and I want to see how much Snow Fairy I need to order this time around.  Not that I need more huge shower products but Snow Fairy is just too good to pass over and is one of my signature holiday products.  It's not holiday until I shower with Snow Fairy...

Here are the body products from the LUSH holiday collection!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - Our famous fairy is back and sweet as ever! This returning holiday classic is the perfect shower-time treat for those of you with constant candy cravings. The delicious scent of cotton candy and sweet vanilla will be dancing in your head as you lather up with care. And a dose of iridescent glitter makes shower time a moment to shine. What could be sweeter?

Twilight Shower Gel - To our Twilight Bath Bomb fans, we heard your requests. Here it is, a Twilight shower gel, so you can lather up in iridescent purple lavender and tonka bubbles. If you haven't smelled this fragrance before, you're in for a treat! It's slightly sweet with the perfect herbal balance. Wonderful to use in the evening before bed, especially on cold, winter nights. Dreams do come true!

Glogg Shower Gel - Spice up your shower time routine with a generous helping of our cleansing libation. This celebratory shower gel is loaded with a generous nip of real organic red wine to help you get the party started on dismal mornings. A shot of brandy, cinnamon and clove bud add spicy warmth to help shake off a case of the winter chills. We round out this mulled wine concoction with orange juice to keep things sweet and keep skin glowing.

Sandy Santa Body Scrub - Buff, scrub and polish away dead, winter skin with Sandy Santa. Sand and sugar work together to exfoliate the skin leaving you with a toned, glowing complexion. Don't neglect those hidden parts just because they are hiding under pants and sweaters. Smooth them out and make yourself feel good with this scrubber. Plus, the orange, rosewood and sandalwood oils tone and soften skin and make you smell marvelous.

Ponche Shower Gel - A festive new shower gel to help us celebrate the season! With the fruit punch scent of petigrain, buchu and davana oils, Ponche is a wonderfully fresh body wash for those who live in warm places year-round (lucky you!) and helps the rest of us wake up with a smile on dark winter mornings. The plum extract and orange juice base keep skin soft while cleansing. It's fresh, fun and festive!

Midnight Massage Massage Bar - We wanted a sensual massage bar this season, so we put in the deliciously sticky, forbidden fruits of fig, quince and carob. Combined with LUSH perfumer Simon's special "Jasmine Revolution" perfume, this is a bar that is going to make you melt! We shaped it like a Salvador Dali clock to play up the pun Midnight Mass-sage; we think it's funny!

Sexy Boy Massage Bar - We've brought Sexy Boy back to our online Retro Christmas shop because we just couldn't stop thinking about his warm, chocolately lime scent after we launched him in 2009. Although he may not look sexy (he is in the shape of a gingerbread man after all), give him a chance by rubbing him onto your partner and you'll discover he really does bring sexy to your back.

Once a Year Massage Bar - When massages come few and far between you have to make the most of every chance you get. Maximize the moment with this memorable spicy massager perfect for your grumbling Santa (or Mrs. Clause). We loaded this moustached wonder with brandy and cinnamon leaf oil for a festive unisex scent that’s sure to please both parties involved. Whether you plan to give or receive, this massager is sure to spice up your evening by the fire.

Well none of the massage bar scents are appealing to me at all so I guess that I will skip over these this time around and just stick to the shower products.  The Ponch Shower Gel I am very interested in, I have never owned a product that smells like plum and orange and I am very excited to try this one.  I will first order it in the smallest size possible as I do not wish to get stuck with the huge bottle if I end up hating it.  I have wanted the Glogg Shower Gel in previous years but the cinnamon in it is a bit scary for me, my skin will most likely rebel and therefore I will skip over it again.

Twilight was in the Halloween collection and is back in the holiday collection.  I would order a bottle of this along with Snow Fairy as I love the lavender scent.  And of course there will be a Snow Fairy purchase this year...

In addition to the great single products that we have looked at in the past three posts, LUSH does offer full giftsets on their website and in their stores.  Many of their giftsets are on the larger side so they would make fantastic sets for your family members and close circle of friends.  I love LUSH holiday products and sets!

photo courtesy of LUSH

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