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LUSH Holiday 2012 Bath Products

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the huge amounts of products that are released from LUSH, one of my favorite skincare and body product companies.  This is the time of the year that their cult favorite Snow Fairy is released and I buy enough of it to last me the entire year.  I first tried Snow Fairy the other year and fell in love with it instantly and am excited to see what all it is released in this year.  This company's holiday product line grows every single year, their are favorites that are re-released every single year and then new products come out.  This year I have divided the huge LUSH holiday product collection into categories, today we are going to look at all the bath bombs and other bath products that have been released for the holidays.  Several years ago, I received a gift set full of holiday bath products from LUSH and it is still one of my favorite beauty gifts and created some new favorites for me to order every single year.  There are some days that I am glad that the closest LUSH is well over an hour away from my home...

As I said above, we will start with the bath products that have come out for the holidays.  I find LUSH bath products to be one of the best gifts to give to anyone on your list and then to keep a few little items for yourself.  A LUSH bath is one of the best ways to take away the stress of the holiday and finals season and I fully plan to place a good sized order from this collection.

The bath part of the LUSH holiday collection!

Winter Bath Bath Bomb - Take warm-me-up soaks to the next level with our stirring Winter Bath bomb. This spicy wonder heats up your skin in a way that a rise in bath water temperature never could. Our inventors were inspired by Japanese bathing traditions and loaded this bomb with spicy ginger and clove bud oils. We also add moisturizing soya milk and bath melt mixture to help soften seasonally dry skin. So when the cold wind begins to blow, you'll know that winter chills don’t stand a chance.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar - You’ve made the list and checked it twice. Bake cookies, check. Purchase presents, check. But what about taking some time for yourself? When you’re in need of some calm moments during holiday chaos, look no further than your bathtub. We combined relaxing jasmine and ylang ylang oils to create a peaceful soak. It’s the perfect bubbler to help you (or your little ones) get some shut eye the night before Saint Nick comes knocking.

Jingle Spells Bath Bomb - After extra celebratory evenings, try this morning after bomb to cast a vanishing spell over hangovers. We make this magically restorative potion from juniper berries, fennel, and tangerine oil to revive alcohol induced weariness. Then take a few cleansing breaths and relax into soothing ylang ylang oils. For you nondrinkers (and under aged) not to worry, this bomb is perfect for a relaxing soak no matter how retched you feel.

The Boog Bath Bomb - Our snowman returns to our online shop this year to brighten up winter baths all over the world. He's a color-changing bomb with 'fireworks' made from a combination of bubble bar and Bath Bomb mixture that creates a slow-fizzing froth. A wonderfully herbal scent accompanies this display, as we've included armoise oil, which has a fresh, green note and myrrh with its rich, amber-incense aroma.

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar - Click your heels together three times and repeat after us, there’s no place like the bathtub. We were inspired by Dorthy’s flashy footwear and went to work designing our version of her famous ruby red slippers. What we came up with is this gorgeous ruby round covered in shimmery red glitter. As you crumble this floral stunner into your tub you’ll disappear into a mountain of rose and carnation scented bubbles.

Party Popper Bath Bomb - Our bright pink and blue bathing scent-sation is bound to be a hit this season. It fizzes around the tub, snapping due to the popping candy and releasing a 'dry champagne' perfume of bergamot, tangerine and rose oil. Then, out pops our special 'confetti' that is made of dehydrated honeydew melon soap flakes. Melt those into your skin to wash yourself and smell simply divine!

Magic Wand Bubble Bar - Stir up some magic in your bathtub this holiday season. For an enchanting spell of candy scented suds, just wave our reusable Magic Wand bubble bar through your bathwater. You’ll be amazed at the mountain of soft bubbles that appear out of thin air. And for our final trick? We borrowed the cotton candy fragrance from our best-selling Snow Fairy shower gel, proving that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - This year our holiday favorite, Candy Mountain, returns with a sassy new outfit and the same sweet fragrance. We blend pure vanilla absolute with our signature bubble bar mixture to create a mountain of towering suds. You’ll reach the peak of relaxation as you soak your troubles away in a tub of sweet vanilla candy bliss.

Melting Snowman Bath Bomb - Melt away your tensions with the help of our friend The Melting Snowman. While he may not have a corncob pipe, our take on Frosty does have a redesigned hot toddy fragrance. He’s as sweet as he is spicy with a warming blend of cinnamon and clove oils. But like any other snowman a rise in temperature can only mean one thing. He’s melting…

So White Bath Bomb - Our favorite fizzer returns with a fresh makeover! This year we were inspired by Holi, a traditional Indian festival in which people throw colored powders at one another to celebrate the end of winter. With this in mind, we redesigned So White to be thrown into your tub just like a snowball. Once in water, So White dissolves to reveal a bright pink center and an enticing appley fragrance. Our inventors brewed up a soft, fruity and floral scent with an enchanting blend of bergamot oil, neroli oil and orange flower absolute, for bathing happily ever after.

Rocket Bubble Bar - We love the idea of reusable bubble bars, so this season we have a few to choose from. Just swish it around in your bath water and watch the fragrant bubbles rise, then set it aside for future baths! Rocket has a spicy violet, clove bud, ginger and fire tree oil fragrance that warms you up from head to toe. Twinkly stars and bright paper flames top it off for stellar bathtime fun.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - Celebrate the season with a fizzy present for someone you love (including yourself). Drop this festive package into the tub and watch it put on a colorful show as the vibrant gifts inside are revealed. The bright citrusy scent comes from a combination of uplifting sweet orange, cognac, and lime oils. You may recognize this luxurious, champagne-inspired scent from our beloved Snow Showers fragrance. It’s so festive, we couldn’t resist adding it to our Golden Wonder to make bath time a real cause for celebration.

Bubblebeard Bubble Bar - We know, it's a moustache - but it's for making beards of bubbles in the tub! The lavender and sandalwood scent is just stunning and the water is slightly shimmery thanks to snowflake luster. We've made this one with our reusable bubble bar formula so you can have baths and baths worth of fun for big and little kids this season.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb - This is the one you'll want to use on cold, dark winter nights to relax in the tub. Spicy clove bud oil, vanilla absolute and a dash of brandy combine to comfort and warm your skin and mind. A dash of red glitter lights up on the water, the shell melts away, and that's when you discover the inside of the bomb is bright green. How festive!

Santa's Sack Bubble Bar - Here's Santa's little sack, stuffed with presents for three baths worth of bubbles and fun. Take your little reusable bubble bar presents out and set them aside for future bathing, then crumble up the sack under running water, slip underneath mounds of warm, spicy bubbles and relax in the soft, fragrant waters.

A Gold Star Bath Bomb - Well done! Ten out of ten. Have a gold star. Give yourself a pat on the back with a golden bath that smells of frankincense. If you've been good all year round you can award yourself a few of these. Give a couple to everyone you know who deserved a reward for getting through 2012. A Gold Star is full of solar essential oils - sandalwood, frankincense and benzoin - which release as you bathe and fill you full of sweetness and light. Everyone deserves a bit of that.

Gingerbread House Bath Bomb - Seek refuge from winter chills with our Gingerbread House. We took inspiration from gingerbread houses of all shapes and sizes and settled on this idyllic snow covered cabin. As you crumble this cookie confection into your bath water you’ll be greeted with mounds of deliciously scented, warming cinnamon and ginger oil bubbles. It’s the closest you’ll come to holiday baking without pulling out the mixer.

Silver Cloud Bath Bomb - When the days turn short and gray we have the perfect solution to chase the clouds away. Now we know what you’re thinking, you’ve had enough of clouds and all you want to see is clear blue skies. Well you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Drop our Silver Cloud into your tub and watch as its sparkly silver lining fizzes and your bath water turns a delightful shade of turquoise. The sunny scent of orange, lime and floral gardenia reminds you that clear skies are ahead.

I see a bunch of favorites from previous years in this part of the collection.  I have used Candy Mountain for several years now and I love it so much.  This is one of the most pampering products that I have ever used in the bath tub and is the perfect treat for a season filled with stress.  In addition to that bath bomb, my love of bath products also leads me to love Magic Wand.  Magic Wand is great because it can be used multiple times (most LUSH products will be used once or twice only) and it also smells just like Snow Fairy.  I have already begun using my bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel to begin getting in the mood for holiday season.  Both Snow Fairy and Vanilla Bean Noel are the scents that I use to get into the holiday season and then all through the winter to stay cheery all the way until the beginning of the spring months.

Silver Cloud is a bath bomb that I have never seen before but sounds like a product that I must own.  It turns the bath water turquoise and smells like a mixture of tropical florals and citrus.  This will be the perfect product to keep the winter blues away and I will be ordering several of these to try out.  Party Popper also smells like tropical melon, a scent that I love and will be all over this winter and then into the warm weather months.  I am more likely to order the fruity scents from this part of the collection, many of the spicy fragrances will really irritate my skin and I will just stay away from all of them.  Therefore, Golden Wonder and So White are also on my shopping list.

The holiday collection is off to a great start so far and I am already seeing some great new bath products to try.  Next we are onto the bar soaps in this collection!

photo courtesy of LUSH

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