Sunday, November 4, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2012 Collection

I have been all about the holiday polish collections the past few weeks, I have been so excited to see and buy all the new polish shades that I have been trending toward these types of holiday collections.  I might be neglecting some of the gift and color collections a bit but I am just so excited for new nail polish shades.  Don't worry...I will get to all the color and gift collections within the next five weeks but I really want to keep looking at new nail polish shades today!

Today we are going to look at the brand new holiday-inspired nail polish shades from Deborah Lippmann.  I was all over the True Blood nail polish sets from this company and now I am really excited to see what polishes are released for the holiday season.  I am a bit disappointed that I only see two new shades from this collection, this company always releases great shades and I would prefer to see four or five new shades instead of just the two.  Oh well, I guess two great shades are better than four good shades.  So far, I have been all about the reds and golds this season and this collection will play right into what I have been into so far.  Of course, we have a deep red shade.  I already own two deep red hues from this company and they are among my favorites and have been ever since I first bought them several years ago.  I might be adding another red to my Deborah Lippmann polish collection...

The first shade that we will look at is the red shade.  It is named "Through the Fire" and is described as a "radiant merlot" and has a shimmer finish.  I already have a shimmery red from Deborah Lippmann and she makes great shimmer red shades.  I must admit that this shade is not the most unique shade that she has ever released and is very similar to the shade that I already own (Since I Fell for You).  Through the Fire looks to be a bit deeper and on the cooler side, so I do think that this shade is worth ordering and that I will not end up with two of the exact same shade.  This one will be great for all kinds of holiday parties and then all throughout the rest of the winter months.  I am very much considering ordering this shade.

The second shade is the more unique of the two and is the one that I have pictured with this post.  Cleopatra in New York is "gold studded black".  It is a black base with huge pieces of gold glitter in it, I have never seen a polish like this before.  It makes me think of Batman and will be a seriously amazing shade on the nail itself, I can so see this shade selling out very quickly.  I have never worn black polish and don't find it that attractive and I am still obsessed with finding out more about this shade and seeing as many pictures of it as I can.  I have high hopes for this unique shade and I must find out as much as possible about it so that I can quickly decide whether or not to order it from this company's website.

I love these two polish shades and now I am even more excited to buy more nail polish shades, I will have to temper this obession a bit since I had to get a second container for all my polishes and will have to move them all into a much bigger container at the beginning of the new year.  Perhaps just one or two more polishes won't hurt...

photo courtesy of Deborah Lippmann

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