Sunday, August 4, 2013

Buxom Buxom Lashliner

Yesterday we looked at one of my new favorite lipstick formulas and today we are switching gears to one of the new eye makeup products that I have been playing around with.  Many of you know that I have been trying to buy more eye makeup over the past few months and less lipsticks and lip glosses in an attempt to even out my makeup collection.  I tend to prefer cream eyeliner formulas and rotate between ones from Tarte and Smashbox.  I wanted to try more cream eyeliner formulas and I decided on the Buxom Buxom Lashliner formula from Sephora.  I love Buxom lip gloss formulas and really wanted to see if the eye makeup products are the same quality as the lip products,

The Buxom collection can be purchased at Sephora or at Bare Minerals stores, I tend to purchase these products from Sephora as I don't purchase many products from the original Bare Minerals and rarely ever go into that store when I go shopping.  The first shade that I purchased was a brown shade and I was intending to purchase other shades in this product however I was disappointed to learn that this product is available in exactly two and brown.  Therefore I will not be purchasing many more shades in this product any time soon.

The Sephora website provides a description of the product itself and the two shades that are available for purchase.  "A lash line enhancing and conditioning treatment.  Lash addicts beware: Buxom Lashliner is highly habit-forming. This may look like just a liner, but it's also a thickening and conditioning treatment that instantly takes the appearance of your lashes from hardly any to very many. This mineral-rich, paraben-free, whipped gel formula glides on like a liquid liner and dries to a long-wearing smudge proof eyeliner. The formula is made with natural ingredients, including vitamins A, C, and E; Honeysuckle; Jojoba Oil; Soy Protein; Tourmaline; and Biotin (vitamin B), which support healthy lashes. In one fluid stroke, you can fill in the base of your lashes—making them appear lusciously longer and fuller. This product is ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers. The result: Healthy, lust-worthy lashes that have no limits."

A few facts from the testing of this product:

-  88% of women agreed Buxom Lashliner stayed put all day
- 76% of women claimed Buxom Lashliner made their lashes more dramatic.
-88% of women agreed Buxom Lashliner stayed put all day.
-76% of women claimed Buxom Lashliner made their lashes more dramatic.

As I stated above, this product is available in only two shades; Leatherette (Black) and Suede (dark brown) and I purchased the Suede shade.  This is nice deep brown hue with a matte finish, it is easy to wear and I have paired it with a quite a few different neutral eye makeup shades. 

The formula is nice but I don't find it to be anything special and the claims that are made from the manufacturer have not been seen on my end.  I have been using this product for two weeks now (two or three times a week) and maybe I need to use it longer or more often to see the results on my lashline.  I use the product with the Tarte eyeliner brush and I make sure that I get it right on my lashline so I don't think that I am applying it incorrectly.  The formula applies nicely and states on all day without smudging however it performs very much like every other cream/gel eyeliner formula that I have tried and there is nothing that sets it apart.

The formula is easier to remove than that of Smashbox and I do like this aspect of it since I have struggled in the past to get all of my eye makeup off at night (even with use of a separate eye makeup remover).  Anything that makes it somewhat easier gets top marks in my book.

I am on the fence about really liking this formula, it is very nice and I love that is stays put and is easy to remove but I hate that there are only two shades of this formula.  I would consider purchasing the black shade however I currently have that shade from Smashbox and don't need another black cream eyeliner formula.  I would love if this product was offered in a few more shades and I could order more of them but my collecting of this product is basically done after my initial purchase.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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