Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Essie Fall 2013 Nail Polish Collection

My nail polish obsession has only continued to grow since I started doing yoga and decided that I needed weekly pedicures in order to survive the bare foot sessions.  Bad pedicures are considered a sin in yoga classes and I am determined to stay above the curve on this issue...not that I think that I will have much of a problem with this.  Now I will be thinking about more about fall polish shades for my weekly pedicures and feel that I need to add some new jewel tones to my collection.  I also think that I would like a good neutral in my collection so that I always have a neutral in my collection.  Essie has just released their new fall collection this week and now I have some more selections to add my collection...

There are six new shades in this collection, nearly all of which are deep jewel tones.  There are four deep hues in this collection and two lighter shades offered along with them.  On first glance, I am more interested in the deeper shades and find the lighter shades to be boring side.  There is a deep navy blue in the new shade offerings and I always want to add more deep blues to my collection so I already see one that I will really want when I get to Ulta.

We will start with the two lighter shades in this collection since they could both be bought and worn right now.  Vested Interest is the lightest of the shades and is a "dusty green" with a cream finish.  It appears gray in pictures and would be a nice neutral for fall but isn't unique enough to warrant me purchasing a bottle of the polish.  The second of the lighter hues is called The Lace is On.  This is a deep pink with what appears to be a purple shimmer to it.  I am not a fan of this shade and it appears more magenta than pink to me.  I can easily skip over both of these shades without my nail polish collection suffering and I am moving onto the deeper hues in the collection now.

The first shade that I want to look at is the dark blue shade and this is the one that is featured in the print ads for this collection.  After School Boy Blazer is a "deep navy cream" and one that I know I will love to add to my collection.  It is a nice navy cream that I will use in manicures and pedicures this fall and winter and will be the first shade from this collection that I will want to buy.  The next shade is another one that I must have, Cashmere Bathrobe is a great neutral and one that I could use with all kinds of colors.  This shade is a "deep gray" and has a slight silver shimmer to it.  I don't see much of a shimmer in the picture and I have a feeling that this will only come out in the outdoors.  I wanted a great neutral to use all throughout the seasons and this is one that I will be adding to my collection.  Cashmere Bathrobe might even edge out After School Blazer as the one shade that I must buy from this collection.

The next shade is a traditional red cream that is part of nearly every single fall collection.  Twin Sweater Set is such a cute name that I might need the polish just for the name but I do like the shade too.  I have similar red creams but I use them all the time on my toes and this one is worth a purchase.  The last shade in the collection is named For The Twill of It and this one is very unique.  This one is a shimmering deep gray and one that I thought that I would love.  However, I looked it up on blogs and it is a duochrome that shines purple or blue.  I'm not a big fan of the duochome and liked the shade better when I thought it was a deep gray shimmer.  I will be skipping over that shade now.

After School Blazer is my favorite shade of the new collection but I think that Cashmere Bathrobe is the shade that I would buy first.  I have nothing like this one in my collection and would use this one all throughout the next two seasons.  I want to round my shopping out with Twin Sweater Set and grab a new red for yoga pedicures.

photo courtesy of Essie

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