Monday, August 19, 2013

Clinique Fall 2013 Collection

It's the start of the second last week of August and I have spied Halloween candy on the shelves at my local supermarket already.  I am pretty much down with summer and ready for the leaves to starting on the trees and to see pumpkins out all over the place.  We still about another month of warm weather so I am purchasing new products for the fall months but I won't start using them in the next few weeks.  So I am back to looking at fall collections and getting ready for a big MAC fall color release at the every end of the week.

Today we are looking at the new collection from Clinique, a collection that contains only eye makeup products and is rather one sided in this aspect.  Eye makeup is the area that I tend to have the least of (relatively speaking) and everyone knows that lipsticks and lip glosses are my two favorite products to purchase.  So this collection from Clinique might not get me as excited as many of the other fall collections but at least I will be able to look for items that I need (rather than just want more of) to add to my makeup shopping for this fall...

This collection does not have a formal name or collection description but it is a combination of new eye shadow shades and palettes.  I have used both the single shadows and the palettes in the past so I am happy to see what else has come from this company.  I have found these eye shadows are more muted than some of the ones on the market and all of the ones that I have used are very easy to wear and to create all kinds of looks with them.  Any woman can wear many of these shades, there are few that are vibrant colors or have glitter in them.  I can confidently purchase any eye makeup shade from this company and know that I can wear it in a professional environment, I can't say this for ever eye makeup brand on the market.

This is a small collection but I am hoping to see some shining stars for the fall months.  The newest eye makeup from Clinique!

All About Shadow Single - Long-wearing powder eye colour. Choose Soft Matte, Soft Shimmer or Super Shimmer finish.  Creamy colour glides on in one smooth stroke. Longwearing. Crease- and fade-resistant, too. Ophthalmologist tested for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Mirrored compact comes with a sponge-tip applicator.
- At Dusk - medium warm bronze with shimmer
- Chocolate Covered Cherry - deep warm brown matte
- Deep Dive - deep aqua with shimmer
- Foxier - medium warm brown with slight shimmer
- French Roast - deep cool taupe matte
- Lemongrass - bright gold green with shimmer
- French Vanilla - pale vanilla matte
- Purple Heels - medium true purple matte
- Raspberry Beret - bright medium raspberry matte
- Slippery Glass - pale silver with lots of shimmer
- Stroke of Midnight - deep black matte
- Sugarcane - pale off white with shimmer

All About Shadow Duo - Use one shade as a base colour, the other to contour. Crease- and fade-resistant. Ophthalmologist tested for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Mirrored compact with illustrated how-tos plus a brush/sponge-tip applicator.
- Like Mink - medium neutral nude/deep bronze (shimmer)
- Mixed Greens - pale cool green/deep forest green (matte)
- Uptown Downtown - medium cool pink/medium charcoal (shimmer)
- Cocktail Hour - medium lilac/deep red plum (shimmer)
- Diamonds and Pearls - pale cool white/deep charcoal (shimmer)
- Jeans and Heels - medium blue gray/bright aqua blue (shimmer)

All About Shadow Quad - Wear shades alone or layered together in different combinations. Crease- and fade-resistant. Ophthalmologist tested for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Mirrored compact with illustrated how-tos plus two sponge-tip applicators.
- Jenna's Essentials - pale bone/deep bronze/medium taupe/deep warm charcoal
- Morning Java - pale bone/deep warm brown/medium gold/deep warm charcoal
- On Safari - pale bone/deep forest green/medium olive green/deep brown
- Smoke and Mirrors - medium silver/medium gray/deep charcoal/deep black
- Going Steady - pale warm bone/medium plum/medium taupe/deep plum
- Galaxy - pale white/deep aqua/medium aqua/deep forest green

I like a bunch of these new shades but there isn't one shade or palette that is so unique that I don't already it or something very similar.  I think that I would be more likely to pick up the Quads or a few shades from the singles, I am not a big fan of any of the duos and most of the shades that are in them are also contained in the Quads.  From the Quads, I can see myself getting a good amount of use from Jenna's Essentials even though I already own shades quite similar to these in the Urban Decay Naked Palettes.  The same holds for Morning Java.  I am considering Smoke and Mirrors because it would create awesome variations on silver smoky eye looks so this one will be worth checking out.  The Lemongrass Single is the most unique shade in the whole collection and I think that I would really like this one based on how much gold I own in my eye shadow collection.  Other than that I shade, I can see that At Dusk will be easy to work in with my current eye shadows and I know that I would get good usage from it.

Not one of my favorite collections of the season...

photo courtesy of Clinique

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