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Stila Fall 2013 Collection

I have been thinking about Stila products since I created my Current Favorites! list from yesterday and I decided to check out their website this morning and see if anything new was listed on it.  I was very happy to see that the company has put up their newest products for fall and I can start shopping right away.  Stila collections rarely have any type of theme and the fall products are no different.  This collection contains new makeup shades of current products, several new face products, and then I see two Lip Glaze sets at the bottom of the page.  I already know that I will want a Lip Glaze set but need to check everything else out before I begin adding more lip gloss to my collection.

Face makeup is one area that I own little of from Stila, I tend to buy more of their lip products than anything else however I am very impressed with the quality of the Convertible Color that I rave about often and have high hopes for the new foundation and CC Cream from this company.  I just finished up a tinted moisturizer from them which I really loved also so I feel confident picking up some of the new face products that are being introduced.  I have been using the Urban Decay Beauty Balm all summer and will be needing to look at new formulas before Labor Day.  Might as well start today...

Here are the new products from Stila!

CC Color Correcting Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 - Stila’s NEW CC Color Correcting Cream SPF 20 is a breakthrough skincare-meets-cosmetics hybrid offering the ultimate in color correction while creating a smooth, flawless, natural looking complexion. Bursting with revitalizing skincare benefits and broad spectrum SPF protection, this green based formula color corrects upon application to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and brighten skin while helping to soften fine lines and wrinkles. Micro-Encapsulated Pigments adapt to skin tone creating flawless, invisible coverage, while Hydra-Extend Technology, comprised of sugar molecules, provides up to 72 hours of continuous hydration.  Photonic Crystal Technology contains a color corrector and an optically transparent polymer that helps soften the appearance of wrinkles and other skin imperfections for a natural, youthful looking appearance. Exclusive, photo-protective Chroma-Luminescent Technology helps brighten the skin while shielding it from damaging environmental elements.  This product is available in six shades to complement all skin tones.

CC Color Correcting Stick with SPF 20 - Stila’s CC Color Correcting Stick SPF 20 is an innovative, multi-benefit product that helps color correct, reduce redness and brighten the skin. The luxe, high-definition formula is buildable and glides on smoothly, leaving a natural-looking, satin finish.  HPP (Highlighter Performing Pigments) Technology provides rich color payoff with long-lasting staying power.  The green core center color corrects redness and contains an array of skin-loving ingredients to help promote an even skin tone and a healthy, youthful looking complexion.  It also includes skin barrier repairing Dermaxyl peptide technology which helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, prevent the onset of premature aging, stimulate cellular communication and reverse age-related skin damage. An infusion of antioxidant rich Gamma Oryzanol provides photo-aging protection properties which have been shown to help intercept ultraviolet rays at the skin’s surface and hinder their transmission to help prevent damage to the skin.  This product is available in eight shades to complement all skin tones.

Stay All Day Concealer - This creamy, full coverage concealer blends seamlessly to instantly neutralize under eye circles and hide skin imperfections, including blemishes and age spots, to create an impeccable canvas for flawless makeup application. Ultra long-wearing, this emollient, crease resistant formula is designed to Stay All Day® while looking and feeling natural on your skin.  Enriched with Vitamins A, C & E, this buttery formula provides antioxidant benefits while helping to prevent premature aging. Available in 16 shades so you’re assured to find one that is perfect for you.

Stay All Day Prime and Anti-Shine Balm - This multi-tasking, secret weapon provides invisible coverage for a flawless complexion. Use under makeup as a primer to create an impeccable canvas for flawless makeup application, use over makeup to set and extend wear, or use in place of a pressed powder for touchups throughout the day.  This versatile, cream-to-powder formula smoothes skin imperfections, minimizes pores, evens skin tone, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and controls oil production. A silky, translucent crystal finish catches and re-emits light, diffusing imperfections for a perfectly smooth and even skin tone. Makeup glides on with ease and sets for long-lasting, high-definition results. When used in place of a powder, it absorbs excess oil, eliminates shine, and never leaves a powdery trace behind. This weightless formula is easy to apply, velvety soft and completely undetectable on the skin.
Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner - Finally, a waterproof liquid liner that glides on with ease, won't smudge or run, and stays in place until you say when! The thin marker-like tip is easy to use even for the least experienced, and delivers a defined thin line to a dramatic bold line with precision.  Goes on smoothly without skipping, smudging, or pulling, and lasts all day!
- Cobalt - bright navy blue

Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner - Smudge that won’t budge... in every shade of the color wheel!  Our bestselling Smudge Sticks are now available in an array of matte, shimmer and pop hues that hold tight. Made with a cocktail of moisturizing ingredients, including vitamin E, color glides on smooth (no tugging or pulling) in a waterproof formula that won’t budge or fade. With 9 gorgeous shades to pick from, discover intense & immediate color payoff in a single swipe!  What’s more? Our Smudge Sticks pack a one-two punch: you can use it as a classic pencil liner or a smudgy eye shadow - simply smudge with your fingers or a brush before color sets.
- Cobalt - bright navy blue

Lip Glaze Trio - Chic Cobalt - Fall in love with Stila’s fall lip glaze trios in beautifully wearable neutrals. Designed to be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick, they add just the right amount of shine.
- Orchard - soft copper shimmer
- Rose Gold - hibiscus
- Kitten - bronze shimmer

Lip Glaze Trio - Elegant Emerald - Fall in love with Stila’s fall lip glaze trios in beautifully wearable neutrals. Designed to be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick, they add just the right amount of shine.
- Pout - guava pink
- Kaleidoscope - peach shimmer
- Apricot - sheer apricot

I like most of this collection and can see myself getting a good amount of use from all but the eye products.  The eye products themselves are good but I would not use either product in the new Cobalt shade so I am just going to skip over them for the time being.  I would start with the CC Cream since I am in need of a product to replace my current BB Cream on the days that I will not be wearing foundation over the next few weeks and my second favorite product is the primer balm.  I am not in need of a new primer right now but this one will be good for the cold weather months as it appears to be a thicker formula.  I will order this one once my current tube of primer is getting low. 
The CC Stick Cream is a very interesting product and I will want to play around with it at Sephora before I make a decision.  I haven't used a stock foundation product since the beginning of college and I wasn't never very good with blending and the correct usage of the product.  However I would also think that formulas have improved since then and I would like to try this product on the red areas of my cheeks (on days that I wouldn't wear foundation and just need a little coverage).  A new concealer formula isn't needed right now but its another product that I would keep in mind when I use up the Benefit formula that I am currently wearing. 

I have focused on some of the products that would be practical for me to buy but now we are going to look at the new Lip Glaze sets.  Elegant Emerald is the set that I must have since these are the cooler shades of the two sets, I love the Pout shade and will want to order this one in the full size tube also.

photo courtesy of Stila

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