Thursday, August 29, 2013

Guerlain Fall 2013 Collection - Violette de Madame Collection

Yesterday we looked at the new Dior collection and today we are moving right onto the newest from Guerlain, we have very few collections left and are going to cover them pretty quickly as we all know that the holiday collections will start coming out in the beginning of October.  Not that I even want to be thinking about the holidays right now...but we know how fast they tend to come up on us.  This will was already my first week of the semester and schoolwork will be piling up soon.  Therefore we are taking today to think about beauty and not the crazy semester that I have coming up...

The Guerlain collections are usually quite small but the products in them are beautiful and worth fighting the crowds for.  I love the pictures of Natalia Vodianova that are used with this collection and Guerlain has one of the best collection pictures of the season, I would love to be able to recreate her look for myself.

I found a great collection description on the Temptalia beauty blog, Guerlain did not have much of one and I am glad that I could use another blog to find one.  "Guerlain introduces its exclusive Fall 2013 Voilette de Madame collection, composed to make every woman irresistible, expressing her seduction and personality with style and femininity. Madame’s ultimate accessory, the veil, is the inspiration for this season’s collection. Like Madame herself, the veil gives only small glimpses into a woman’s mysterious world. And as Madame unveils herself, her secrets come to light."  This is lip product heavy collection and is the perfect complement to the Dior collection that we looked at yesterday.

The newest collection from Guerlain!

Ecrin 2 Couleurs Colour Fusion Eye Shadow - Guerlain has invented “ready-to-colour”, the perfect accessory for making the eyes a real fashion statement. This new fine and slender case slips easily into a handbag for use at any time. It opens vertically to reveal an elegant mirror… Inside: two eyeshadows, two textures, two colour accessories applied using its double-ended applicator to create amazing effects.
- Two Rock (01) dazzling green/black
- Two Stylish (02) deep blue/metallic grey
- Two Extravagant (03) chocolate brown/zesty green
- Two Gossip (04) plum/baroque gold
- Two Candy (05) soft white/sparkling pink
- Two Parisian (06) intense black/powder pink
- Two Lovely (07) soft grey/aquamarine
- Two Spicy (08) ebony brown/spicy coral

Gel Eye Pencil - Guerlain’s retractable gel eye pencil transforms your eyes in an instant. Its combination of smooth waxes, luminous polymers and intense pigmentation allows you to create the perfect eye contour for a refined look. Plus, it’s long-lasting, nontransferable and water-resistant so it stays all day without smudging.
- Black Jack (01) - black
- Jackie Brown - (02) brown
- Deep Purple - (03) purple
- Katy Navy - (04) navy
- Amber Silver - (05) silver

Rouge G de Guerlain Lipcolor - A jewel lipstick compact with a white-gold shimmer designed by Lorenz Bäumer, the young and talented jeweler in Place Vendôme. A horizontal design with feminine curves that houses a secret: a mirror automatically appears when the compact is opened. The lipstick has a purely elegant, contemporary design and closes magnetically. This exceptional object boasts a comprehensive, premium formula containing a star ingredient: ruby powder, which acts as an optical whitener to bring out the color and shine of the shades. The blend of natural active ingredients (Tiger Grass, wild mango butter, Gugul resin used in Ayurvedic medicine) completes the formula to plump up, smooth and bring moisture and softness to your lips.
- Madame Batifole (860) - vibrant fuchsia
- Madame Flirte (861) - fruity red
- Madame Reve (862) - voluptuous pink

Maxi Shine Gloss d' Enfer Lip Gloss - Maxi Shine Gloss d'Enfer guarantees lips a shimmering, radiant and plumping finish. Maxi Shine's oil composition creates a moisturizing barrier to ensure an intense softness. Additionally, each shade presents varying degrees of coverage and pigment intensity. The perfect partner for a desirable, appealing smile, Maxi Shine offers tailor-made effects for beautifully enhanced lips.
- Madame Batifole (860) - electric sparkling fuchsia
- Madame Flirte (861) - gourmand sparkling red
- Madame Fascine (863) - sparkling deep purple

Le Vernis Nail Lacquer - Guerlain's newest nail lacquers are indispensable allies for accomplished femininity. The ultra-vibrant shades incorporate adhesive resins to offer a perfectly even sheen that lasts for days. Using each shade's extra-flat and widened brush, the easy-to-use formula imparts a shiny, daring and immaculate finish.
- Madame Batifole (860) - deep and intense fuchsia

I love this collection and wish that I could find these products closer to my home.  Driving to King of Prussia isn't something that I can do on a normal basis and my Sephora tends to carry only a few of the best selling products from this line.  I guess I will have to make due with what I can find at Sephora and order from least they both have a generous return policy in case I don't love what I order.

I am looking at the lip products in this collection and my shopping from Guerlain will balance out my shopping from the Dior collection that we looked at yesterday.  I love the shades of the Rouge G and need to try this product out soon, this is one that is carried at Sephora so I will have an easy time getting my hands on this product.  I want the red and the pink shades from this product and I want to try the red shade of the lip gloss (another product that I believe is carried at my local Sephora).  I like many of the eye shadow duos but I don't think that any of the shades are unique enough to warrant me purchasing them when I own a bunch of eye shadow palettes already.  The last piece that I love is the new deep fuchsia shade of nail polish, I don't believe that I own any shade like this and it will be perfect for the fall season!

photo courtesy of Guerlain

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