Monday, August 12, 2013

MAC Blot Film

I often talk on this blog about how dry my skin is but it is the middle of the summer and I am experiencing some issues with oiliness on my T-Zone area.  My skin is much too dry to use any type of skincare products designed for oily skin and certain mattifying products can make my skin look dull and dry.  I need to find products that are somewhat non-traditional and won't make my skin look more dry than usual.  I have used the Boscia Blotting Linens in the past and have gotten solid results with them and I finally finished up my last package of these (I use them very slowly so a package lasts me a very long time).  I have been interested in what other companies sell this type of product and I was excited to see that I could order them from the MAC website.

I haven't used much from the MAC skincare line and usually spend more time checking out the color lines.  My counter doesn't really represent the skincare lines very well and they receive about 10% of the counter space.  I wasn't even aware that they carried the skincare products at the counters until I was searching for another product and stumbled across them.  I decided to order these from the MAC website and start learning more about their skincare line.

The MAC website states the following for a product description, "This handy carry blot leaves skin oil-free, mega-matte. Won't remove or alter makeup. Ideal for artists, girls-on-the-go, and men who don't like to shine! Super-sized – and the only blot couture fashioned out of special patented material. Stylishly and compactly packaged."

Some blotting products have a powder finish but these do not, I tend to prefer products like this since they don't leave a powder finish on the skin (making mine look drier than usual) and the texture of the product almost feels like a very thin piece of rubber.  One of these films is more than enough to cover any oily area on my face and they quickly absorb any excess oil on my T-Zone and leave my skin with a matte (but not dry finish).  These are a great product to keep in my purse or gym bag in the summer months and provide a quick fix during steamy weather or after a yoga class.  My gym bag is starting to get weighed down with beauty products...

These are a larger sixe than some of the other blotting linens and I can quickly clean up all the areas any only use about half of the sheet.  I found a great tip for use when I was reviewing Makeup Alley to see what other people thought of this product.  One reviewer stated that she easily cut these in half and then doubled her usage from the product and I really want to try this.  I may have to repackage them if I go this route but I will see what I can do.  This is another brand of linens that I will leave very slowly and I can't see that I will need to be repurchasing them on a regular basis.

This is one of the best products that I have every tried to help mattify without drying or leaving a dry finish to my skin and I recommend this product to quickly help reduce the appearance of oil on the face.

photo courtesy of MAC

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