Thursday, August 22, 2013

MAC Indulge - Lip and Nail

I haven't been at the MAC counter for the past few days and I must say that I am really craving some new items from them and am so glad that they are beginning to bring out their new products and collections for fall!  I have been seeing pictures of Indulge since the beginning of the summer months and I got a flyer in the mail the other week, inviting me to a launch party for the collection at my favorite Macy*s.  I still haven't really decided what I need to for fall and what kinds of looks that I want to create over the next few months but I have a feeling that I will find a bunch of products that I want to buy from this collection.  Indulge is the big fall release from MAC to start the season off and this collection will set the tone for the rest of the season for this company and for much of the beauty industry. 

Even though I am still firmly entrenched in my pink lip glosses and bright colored nails, I know that I will be going back to red lipsticks and more dramatic bronze eye looks this fall.  Every fall, I pick out at least one or two more great red lipsticks and now I have quite a collection of them and I might actually be more interested in looking for a deep berry to start off the fall season.  I see that Indulge has been broken down into two collections since it so large and I will be starting with the Lip and Nail piece of the collection because this is what I am the most excited about this fall.  I have been doing brights for a few months now and I will be ready to change course very soon and start wearing my berries, reds, and lovely jewel tones!

MAC provides a description of the both parts of the collection and the following is what they have to say about the Lip and Nail part of the collection.  "Revel in a magnificent banquet of colour for lips and nails. Lipstick in deep plum, frosted beige and sheer, golden sparkle get layered with Lipglass, ranging from blackened berry to shimmering taupe. Lacquered nails for that opulent touch, rich in jewel tones and molten metallics."  I have a feeling that I am going to want nearly everything in this collection right away...

Here is the Lip and Nail piece of the Indulge collection!

Lipstick -  Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.
- Smash Hit - sheer golden sparkle
- By Design - soft shimmery beige
- Feed the Senses - mid-tone mauvey nude
- Just a Bite - mid-tone blue red
- Sweet Succulence - deep glossy plum

Lipglass - A unique lip gloss available in a wide variety of colours that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be worn on its own, over Lip Pencil or Lipstick, Tinted Lipglass is the perfect product for creating shine that lasts. It's pigmented, very shiny and can impart subtle or dramatic colour. It contains Jojoba Oil to help soften and condition the lips. Tinted Lipglass is packaged in a convenient bottle with a sponge tip applicator that provides a quick, smooth, even application.
- Ultimate Dish - light beige with pearl
- Fashion Punch - midtone neutral pink
- Liqueur - shimmering taupe
- Lust for Life - dark berry
- Utterly Tart - deep red

Nail Lacquer - Revolutionary new high gloss formula. Three long-wearing finishes - Cream, Sheer, and Frosted. Visibly different. Provides no-streak/no-chip finish. Contains conditioners and UV protection. Go hi-lacquer!
- Sinfully Sweet - sparkling champagne with gold pearl
- Magnificent Feast - sparkling true gold
- Discotheque - super glitter silver
- Impassioned - bright warm pink
- Screening Room - bright mid-tone teal
- Rebel - midtonal cream plum

I like so many items in this collection and I can see that my Visa is going to be crying this fall.  My thoughts are transformed from pink lip gloss to deep berry matte lipstick and matching nail polish shades, this will be a great collection for me and I have only looked at half of it so far!  I will be starting with the Lipsticks in this collection and then I plan to pick up a few glosses and a polish or two.  My nail polish is already huge and I have shades that are similar to many of these already so I only plan to pick up my favorites and focus on the lip shades.

My favorite Lipstick shade from this collection is very predictable and I have it pictured here.  I already said that I am really not looking for another red lipstick shade but I just love this shade.  Just a Bite is the shade and the name also makes me think of True Blood (a favorite show of mine and book series!).  The rest of the shades that I want from this collection are: By Design and Feed the Senses.  Both of these shades are more natural and I will be able to wear them in the upcoming season and then all through the rest of the year. 

From the rest of the collection, I am looking at a few choices in both Lipglass and Nail Lacquers.  My Lipglass shopping list will actually be longer than my Lipstick shopping list.  I want Fashion Punch the most, this neutral pink will be great for my skintone and I will be able to use it in a range of makeup looks.  I also want Lust for Life and Utterly Tart for a more dramatic lip look this fall.  I own no deep lip gloss shades from MAC and I think that I need to try them out this season.  I am going to be very picky with the Nail Lacquers, these are great shades but none of them are so unique that I must buy them right away from MAC.  Screening Room is the only shade that I must have from MAC, I love teal shades and have been wearing bright shades all summer and love that I can take one of my favorite shades into the fall and winter.  Rebel and Magnificant Feast are the other two shades that I really like but I know that I could find them from other lines very easily.

I love the first part of the Indulge collection and now I am very excited to move onto the next part and see what shades of eye and face makeup I will want too!

photo courtesy of MAC

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