Thursday, August 15, 2013

Illamasqua Fall 2013 Collection - The Sacred Hour

Yesterday we looked at the new fall products from a line that I love for subtle, professional makeup shades and today we are turning the tables and looking at the new fall collection from a company that makes shades that would be right at home on a professional dancer's face.  Illamasqua is a favorite makeup line of mine and I wish that it was easier to find at the Sephora stores, I have only seen the actual shades at the store on Fifth Avenue but have to cross my fingers every time that I order the products from the Sephora website.  This line has shades that are very dramatic and these types of shades tend to photograph differently than more muted shades.

The newest collection from this line is named The Sacred Hour, "The Sacred Hour is the time to release your inner warrior" and this collection is about beginning and renewal.  I tend to renew my look at the beginning of the fall and spring seasons so I understand the concept of this collection and want to find more shades to purchase from it.

This collection brings out a new face product and then new shade in some of the current color products.  I am always on the look out for new blush and lipstick shades from this line since I love both of these products already.  "Embrace new beginnings at daybreak and re-stoke
the fire in your heart as the sun sets.", is the description of the newest color collection from Illamasqua. 

The Illamasqua fall collection...

Skin Base Lift - Lift, illuminate and create flawless coverage with this brightening concealer. Infused with warm peach tones to flatter every skin tone, Skin Base Lift blends easily, correcting uneven pigmentation and visibly lifting the eye area. For added brightening effect, custom mix each shade with Skin Base Lift in White Light. Apply using an Illamasqua Brush.  Available in a range of shades to suit all skintones.

Reflection Palette - A combination of four highly pigmented shades and an innovative new water resistant eye shadow formula, the Reflection Palette creates striking washes of colour. With a long-lasting hold, each shadow's silky texture allows for effortless application and blending. Choose from Precipice (Soft Lemon), Acute (Ash Taupe), Graphica (Graphite Grey) or Dart (Toasted Bronze).

Precision Gel Liner - The eyeliner soon to be the mainstay in the make-up bags of every beauty enthusiast, Precision Gel Liner recreates the fluidity of a liquid liner in the ease of a gel. Creating a smooth, rich black line from the first application, the long-lasting and water-resistant formula is guaranteed to stay in place all day.  Apply Precision Gel Liner with an Illamasqua Brush and remove using waterproof make-up remover.
- Infinity - deep creamy black

False Eye Lashes - Handmade and cruelty-free, in a variety of stunning styles to enhance your eyes. Apply with the latex-free glue provided, and combine with Illamasqua eye colours for eyes that hypnotise.
- Lush - long feathery black fake lashes

Velvet Blusher - Create a flush of intense colour with this long-lasting, matte blusher. The lightweight cream texture delivers a velvet soft cream to powder finish. Apply to the apples of the cheek, or across cheekbones to enhance and define. Build and blend with fingers or an Illamasqua brush for added colour-intensity.
- Sleek - dusky coral
- Peaked - dusky rose

Lipstick - With an unrivaled colour-intensity, long-lasting Illamasqua Lipstick won’t give up without a fight. Choose from a range of flawless finishes, from creamy matt to iridescent shimmer. For best results apply with a Lip Brush.
- Shard - red violet with a matte finish

Nail Varnish - A spectrum of bold shades with a range of finishes including matt, rubber and high-gloss. Award-winning, extremely hardwearing and chip-resistant, there's an Illamasqua Nail Varnish for every shade of humanity. Apply two coats for intensity and use with Illamasqua Nail Base Coat and Illamasqua Nail Top Coat for the perfect finish.
- Hemlock - pale opal green iridescent
- Facet - gray crystal

Angled Brush - The perfect brush to define and create precision lines. Ideal for eyebrow and eyeline definition and for sharpening beneath the eyebrow and around the lip with your foundation.

This is one of the more subtle collections from Illamasqua, I don't see any blue lipsticks or bright green eye shadows and many of these shades would be easy to introduce to someone newer to the collection.  I would start with the Velvet Blusher in Peaked, Velvet Blusher is a different formula than the one that I already love so this would be a new formula for me to try.  The deep rose shade will create a great contrast to my pale skin and this will be a great look for me this fall. 

The Reflection Palette is very pretty and I want to order this palette for fall.  I am not sure that I will be able to work with the pale yellow color in this palette but I can easily work the other three shades in with my Naked Palettes.  I wouldn't mind ordering the gel eye liner but I don't see that it will be that different from the Smashbox formula that I have been using for years now.  I like the red lipstick shade in this collection however I want to find more pictures of it and see how much purple is in the shade.  Another one of my favorite products from this brand is the Nail Varnish and I want the Facet shade of it for fall, I think Hemlock will be too pale for the cool weather months.

I really like this collection however it is not as dramatic as many of the previous Illamasqua collections but this will be an easy way to introduce the brand to new customers.  I have been raving about this brand for several years now and I want to show this collection to all my friends so they can begin to try these products.

photo courtesy of Illamasqua

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