Wednesday, September 4, 2013

C.O. Bigelow Coconut Body Cleanser

Fall may be quickly on its way but I will not stop using coconut fragranced body products any time soon, I am still in love with Bath and Body Works' Malibu Heat and will be very sad when I finish my last shower gel in the product.  I have been alternating that scent with the C.O. Bigelow Coconut body products and I am really happy to add another coconut to my body product collection.

I first used this collection years ago when I was in college and it was released at Bath and Body Works.  Some of their stores still carry it but it is very disappointing to see how much the line has shrunk over the years and I have taken to ordering the products from the C.O. Bigelow website.  This website carries the full line of products that are available at the apothecary in the West Village and I am planning to visit there one day soon.  Until that day occurs, I will just be doing a good amount of online shopping to get my goodies from this company.  I first started using the newest body product collection with the Lime and Coriander fragrance and was very impressed with the quality of the shower gel.  This time around, I ordered the products in the Coconut fragrance. 

We are starting with the body wash and then moving onto the matching body lotion.  The C.O. Bigelow website states, "This refreshing body cleanser provides a rich, creamy lather while gently cleansing the skin. Formulated with hydrating sodium PCA (a naturally occurring humectant that draws moisture to the skin) and soothing aloe vera to help skin maintain a perfect moisture balance. Fragranced with a sensual blend of toasted coconut and creamy coconut milk."

"This silky, moisturizing body lotion provides lightweight moisture while conditioning the skin. Formulated to soften and replenish skin with moisturizing olive and borage oils and soothing aloe vera for super healthy skin, day after day. Fragranced with a sensual blend of toasted coconut and creamy coconut milk.", states the C.O. Bigelow website in the product description of the matching body lotion. 

The C.O. Bigelow Coconut is less of the "suntan lotion" type of coconut fragrance and reminds me more the old Bath and Body Works Exotic Coconut fragrance.  There is a strong note of coconut at the heart of the fragrance but the almond and sandalwood notes develop more as the lotion remains on my skin.  This is a deeper and richer coconut fragrance than the ones that I had been using throughout the summer and will be a great choice for a "fall" coconut and will be a nice change of pace.

All of the C.O. Bigelow body products are extremely high quality and I would love to be able to see them back on the shelves in Bath and Body Works.  The body washes foam up quickly and produce abundant lather on the skin while rinsing clean and not leaving any residue.  The lightweight lotion absorbs quickly and hydrates normal to slightly dry skin well.  This lotion will not be hydrating enough to use in the late fall and winter months and this company does not offer any type of body cream or oil that would work with the Coconut body wash.  I would also love to see the fragrances from this line in more products (I wouldn't mind a perfume in this lovely coconut too). 

I own quite a few fragrances from this line and the only one left for me to order is the Rosemary Mint, I had this fragrance when I was back in college and the company had another body product line out.  I loved it then and I know that I will love it for next spring and summer.

photo courtesy of C.O. Bigelow

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