Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener with Color

I am always changing my nail polish color out and everyone that reads this blog knows that my nails always seem to need some extra TLC (especially in the late fall and winter months).  I recently started to get one manicure a month, I had dismissed them for years as a waste of money especially since I tend to change my polish color almost every other day.  My view was changed once I saw how nice my natural nails would look once they were filed nicely and my cuticles were cleaned up.  I use mostly OPI shades in the salon and my stylist recommended one for me to use at home and continue to look and feel of salon manicures.

Cue the backstory.  The first time that I got my nails done, I was asked why I kept my nails so short.  I replied that I often cut them all when one or two break and then I keep them all short.  She recommended that I try a good nail strengthener and use it at least twice a week.  Her favorite is the OPI Nail Envy and I loved that it is available in some of their best selling shades so I can use it alone instead of only as a base coat.  I started by buying one shade and am considering the original clear base coat on one of my next visits. 

The Ulta website provides a description of the product and the benefits that can be reaped with the use of it.  "Nail Envy Colors - strength in color.  Original Nail Envy is renowned for strengthening natural nails with hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium. Now Nail Envy is available in three favorite, classic OPI shades plus one exclusive shade to add a tint of color to nails while strengthening them.  With Nail Envy Colors, your nails can be harder, longer, and stronger - beautifully!"

I didn't know that one of the colors was exclusive...now I have most bottles that I will want to get.  The available colors are:

- Hawaiian Orchid - medium cool pink cream
- Samoan Sand - pale nude cream
- Bubble Bath - pale pink cream
- Pink to Envy - clear with a pink tint

I bought the Bubble Bath shade, I have used this shade for a few months already and had it on frequent rotation in my polish line up.  Using the Nail Envy was a no-brainer on this, I can combine the shade that I love with the benefits of the best selling base coat.  I can already see a difference in the length of my nails after using it three times and I can click them on hard surfaces with ease now (I could never do this before or they would break).  The Hawaiian Orchid shade would be pretty for spring and summer so I will want that shade but not right now.  My next shade will be Samoan Sand and I am on the fence about Pink to Envy.  I will either love or hate the way this tint appears on the nail so I might need to try it in a manicure first.

photo courtesy of OPI

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