Sunday, September 8, 2013

Estee Lauder Fall 2013 Collection - Metallics

We are at the end of the fall collections and will be looking at holiday collections within the next few weeks.  This seems hard to believe as my area of Pennsylvania is going through yet another late summer heat wave and it doesn't even seem that fall will ever get hear.  But the hot weather will be over before I know it and fall is right around the corner so I will finish up my fall shopping over the next few weeks.  One of the last large collections that I have not touched on yet is the new Pure Color collection from Estee Lauder, this collection is called Metallics and contains limited edition products and new shades all of which have one thing in common - deep metallic jewel tones rule this collection and I am excited to see what this company is bringing out for fall/winter.

I have been getting more and more into the Estee Lauder brand with the recent introduction of Pure Color.  The brand used to be more synonymous with old women that have worn the same fragrances and lipsticks for the past twenty years and now has been changing and bringing out shades and fragrances that can be embraced by a younger customer.

The Metallics collection will certainly be enjoyed by a younger customer but I do believe that this collection includes shades for every customer of Lauder.  Metallic hues are at the heart of the collection and I believe the majority of these shades will be best for nighttime and not appropriate for a more professional environment.  The eye makeup and nail polish shades are the most hyped products of the collection and I will want to check both of these products out next time that I visit the counter. 

Here is the Metallics collection!

Pure Color Intense Eye Shadow Trio - Play in a new dimension of amplified color with NEW Pure Color Instant Intense Eye Shadow Trios. Like molten metal, the liquid-like texture melts onto the eyelids for a high-definition chromatic color impact. A creamy, silk-like formula glides on effortlessly releasing pure, brilliant color that stays true for 10 hours without creasing or fading. The dazzling eye shadows instantly transform from a soft powder to a silky liquid-like texture using slurry technology to give the powder a unique silk-satin feel. True Vision™ Technology – a crystalline (polymer) laminate magnifies and amplifies color for intense clarity and vibrancy, while a unique blend of optics capture light for a reflective flash of shine.  Designed to be applied dry for a refined look or wet for a high metallic finish, the NEW Pure Color Instant Intense Eye Shadow Trios infuse metallic into any look for an added dimension of sophistication. Featuring three brilliant shades, each trio is a total eye look in one: base, contour, and highlight for mistake-proof application. Extremely blendable and color-true, the expertly coordinated shades look stunning on all skin tones and range from soft chrome shimmers to dramatic metallic finishes.
- Arctic Zinc – range of cool blue tones
- Beach Metals – warm peach and plum tones
- Camo Chrome – range of green tones
- Gilded Chocolates – warm gold and deep chocolate tones
- Smoked Chrome – metallic silver and slate blue tones
- Steel Lilacs – range of lilac tones
- Sterling Plums – range of pale and deep plum tones

Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer - NEW Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer drenches lips in an array of seductively rich lacquered hues, from sultry nudes to daring wines. Combining the creamy coverage of a lipstick and the high-shine of a gloss, this opulently pigmented lacquer creates a lusciously brilliant and glass-like finish. Estée Lauder’s True Vision™ Technology provides the ultimate color payoff, while multi-functional polymers seal in moisture and form a color stay barrier to keep brilliant color and impeccable shine looking fresh, supple and vibrant for a long-lasting 6 hour wear. A new moisture-infused formula also replenishes lips for a rich, cushioned feel that radiates from within. For application, an exclusive paddle, with a bell curve design, dips in the center creating a reservoir effect to release the perfect amount of lacquer that glides onto lips with precision.  A hybrid of vividly rich color and brilliant metallic shine meet in six NEW Limited Edition Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipsticks. Exclusive True Vision™ Technology provides rich color that wraps lips in lustrous shine, while a tri-complex of refined metalized gold and silver pearls envelop lips to create an amplified chromatic finish. This high-impact fusion of pigments and pearls create brilliant shades that work across all different skin tones, while the moisture-rich formula keeps lips feeling soft and conditioned all day.
- Electric Wine - deep cool wine cream
- Fuchsia Flash - medium magenta berry cream
- Hot Cherry - medium blue red cream
- Liquid Pearl - pale cool beige with shimmer
- Mirrored Mauve - medium mauve with shimmer
- Peach Glass - medium warm peach cream
- Ruby Glow - deep blue red cream
- Vinyl Rose - medium cool rose cream
- Wet Plum - deep warm plum cream
- Amber Allow - medium bronze shimmer

Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer - Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquer. Born out of a fusion of refined pearls and aluminum platelets, this new high-impact finish saturates nails in a flash richly pigmented chromatic color. The multi-faceted spectrum of color-enriched metalized shades range from dusty rose gold to smoky deep platinum, creating a new dimension of confident style and expressive attitude.
- Rose Gold - rose gold metallic
- Midnight Metal - platinum silver foil
- Chocolate Foil - deep chocolate brown foil
- Smoked Chrome - deep platinum silver foil
- Steel Orchid - deep silver purple metallic
- Brushed Gold - medium gold foil
- Chrome Violet - medium purple with a charcoal metallic
- Metallic Green - deep green metallic

I love this collection and this might be one of the best that Estee Lauder has brought out in recent years.  I don't know very much about Estee Lauder lip products and I think that I will stick more with the eye makeup and nail polishes from Metallics and then look more at the lip glosses later on.  My favorites of the eye makeup are Gilded Chocolates and Smoked Chrome.  I bet that the model in the picture is using the Smoked Chrome eye makeup and then the matching nail polish.  I would also like the Steel Lilacs and Sterling Plums to add to my fall eye makeup shopping. 

I am going to try and keep my nail polish shopping to a few shades or I will want to take them all home with me.  My favorites are Rose Gold, Steel Orchid, Chrome Violet, and Metallic Green.  One of the last things that I need is another nail polish line to be obsessed with but I have a feeling that this is exact scenario will occur very soon...

photo courtesy of Estee Lauder

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