Monday, September 23, 2013

Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Lip-Cheek Rouge

An oxymoron is a term that we all became familiar with in grade school grammar lessons and one that most people continue to make use of long after their college graduation.  An oxymoron is defined as "a figure of speech that juxtaposes elements that appear to be contradictory" and can occur in a variety of contexts.  Some of the most popular ones are "living dead" and "jumbo shrimp".  An Oxymoron is something completely different in the world of Poppy King and is one of biggest cult products.

In the world of Lipstick Queen, Oxymoron is a dual use product that is listed as a "matte gloss".  A "matte gloss" is a great example of a literary oxymoron, a gloss has shine and a matte has no shine.  So how does this product work and what will the final result of use look like?  I have heard of lipsticks having a "creamy matte" finish, a matte finish that is designed to be hydrating and not "dry" while still having a lack of shine to it.  Is this product another combination of a cream and a matte or is this a completely unique products? 

The Lipstick Queen website provides the following product description to help us understand how this product is unique.  "Many women are afraid of matte because they think it is high-maintenance, hard to wear and drying. Not so with this lip-cheek rouge, especially as the four shades were designed to be the colors of blush, very sweet, subtle and flattering."  The website continues the description with recommendations for best use.  "If you are wearing a bold or bright lip color then Oxymoron is the perfect way to subtly enhance your natural cheek color.  Four shades with Oxymoron names; Oxymoron means two opposites together (for example matte and gloss).  It feels as smooth and light as a gloss but on matte!!  Designed to use on the lips and cheeks.  For the lips, use a lip brush or your finger to apply.  For the cheeks, just dab a small amount on with your finger and blend."

This product reminds me very much of Stila's Convertible Color but with a more matte finish.  The application for both products is pretty much exactly the same but the results differ.  I use the Stila product mostly as a blush but use the Lipstick Queen product equally as a blush and a lipstick.  I found the Stila product to not very long on the lips, it's very creamy and lasts about as long as the average satin or cream lipstick.  The Lipstick Queen product has the lasting power of a matte lipstick but feels a bit more hydrating on the lips.  I do need to touch up with a hydrating lip balm once in a while during wear which is normal for me when I am wearing any kind of matte formula.  The Lipstick Queen product functions very well as a cream blush and lasts all day long.  As a lipstick, I get about five to six hours of wear before I need to touch up the color itself.

The Oxymoron Lip-Cheek Rouge is available in only four shades.  Lipstick Queen has never released their products in a wide shade range, which is a shame because I have loved every product that I have every used from them and always wants to buy more. 

- Free Ride - ultimate pretty peach
- Honest Politician - perfect pinky brown
- Minor Crisis - dusky rose pink
- Open Secret - romantic pop pink

I have bought both Open Secret and Minor Crisis.  I used Open Secret through the end of the summer and can use this bright pink all throughout the year, this is my favorite of the two shades.  I love bright pink shades and this is another great option for me, it is easier to wear than NARS Schiap and I can wear it when getting dressed up, for a more professional environment, and for a casual weekend look.  This is a very versatile shade for me and I will be using and buying it for many years to come.  Minor Crisis is more of a fall shade for me, I waited to open this one up until last weekend.  This is a subtle rose hue that works well for a more professional look or a more natural look.  I am very happy with both of these shades and wish that Lipstick Queen offered more shades in this product.

I love this unique product and will continue to watch for new shades or it and hope that this wish has already been expressed by other ladies to the Lipstick Queen company!

photo courtesy of Barneys New York

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