Saturday, September 7, 2013

MAC Pigments

One of the few MAC products that I have never used is the Pigments, I tend not to enjoy working with loose eye shadows and these are often in shades that I tend not to wear on my eyes (on a normal basis).  I considered trying out some of the more neutral shades in this product and trying to see if I could make this versatile formula work for me.  I have seen many looks done by MAC makeup artists and many of them include a Pigment used in some way.  I have seen them used dry as an eye shadow, used with a wet brush and then applied as an eyeliner, and also used directly on facial bones to act as a highlighter.  I have purchased one shade so far and will be starting be using it both dry and wet as eye makeup.

Pigment is one of the key products in any MAC makeup artist's arsenal and therefore come in a wide range of permanent shades plus new shades come out in nearly every limited edition color collection.  "A highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin.  Create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect.  Does not streak or cake.  Easy to blend and long lasting.".  Pigment in one of the most versatile products that MAC makes and I was determined to make use of this product and purchase several shades so that I can use them one multiple facial features.  The MAC makeup artist at my local counter told me that Vanilla is the most popular shade and one that she finds to be the more versatile so I decided to start with this shade and then return for more after trying it out.  I was intending to purchase Vanilla anyway after checking it out online but I wanted to get another point of view.  I have had the fortune to work with the same artist nearly every visit since late 2010 and I am more likely to go to counter if I see her working.  If I don't see her working, I am more likely to pick the testers up and just hand them to whoever is working...she is one of the few people that I will ask questions to.

Vanilla was a great choice to start with and use as eye makeup, I cannot see myself using this on any other facial feature and I guess this type of use will depend on what shades I purchase.  As of right now we are thinking of this product as an eye makeup product only. 

I tried first to use Pigment dry.  I started with my usual eye shadow primer and then used Vanilla as a highlighter.  The best way for me to apply this product was with my fingertip, a brush sent the product flying in all directions on my face.  A "sponge painting" type of technique was needed to get Pigment to where it needed to go.  I dipped my fingertip in and got enough product on to cover the tip and then I patted it right onto my eyelid and brow bone.  This technique worked very well and gave me the results that looked more like those of the MAC makeup artists.  When used dry, Pigment lasts about as long as a typical MAC matte or satin finish eye shadow.

I then tried using the product wet.  I used it wet in two ways, one way as a "cream" type of eye shadow and then the other way as a cream eyeliner.  To use as a more pigmented cream eye shadow, I used the same method of application as I did when I applied it dry except that I wet the tip of my finger before dipping it in the product.  I found this method of application gave me the most pigmented results and they lasted from the moment that I applied the product until I took it off at night.  To use this product as an eyeliner, I dipped a cream eye liner brush into water and then right into the product and applied it to my upper lash line.  I did not like the Vanilla shade used in this fashion but I would use another shade as a liner.  I got the same result when it wet as a liner or cream shadow, it lasted all day without smudging or fading. 

Vanilla is the shade choice that I made but there is a full range of Pigment shades that we will look at right now.

- Blue Brown - medium cool brown satin
- Copper Sparkle - bright bronze shimmer
- Dark Soul - deep charcoal satin
- Fuchsia - bright deep cool pink satin
- Golden Olive - medium warm olive green satin with traces of gold
- Grape - medium blue purple satin
- Kitchmas - medium lavender satin
- Magenta Madness - neon deep cool pink satin
- Melon - medium bronze shimmer
- Naked - medium beige shimmer
- Neo-Orange - bright orange satin
- Old Gold - green gold metallic
- Rose - medium pink rose satin
- Tan - deep tan shimmer
- Teal - medium green teal satin
- True Chartreuse - bright yellow lime green shimmer
- Vanilla - medium warm white shimmer
- Violet - medium periwinkle purple satin

I can already see that this product will present difficulties in using one shade on all facial features.  I can't think of any shade here that I would use (in full pigment) on all of my facial features.  I think that I am going to try and focus this product as a multi-purpose eye makeup product and therefore these are the types of shades that I am going to focus on purchasing.  I want the following: Copper Sparkle, Golden Olive, Kitchmas, Melon, Naked, Old Gold, and Violet.  I will report back if I find shades that I am more likely to use on my cheeks and lips and then if I have been able to do so successfully.

photo courtesy of MAC

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