Sunday, September 22, 2013

Katy Perry's Bangs

I haven't posted it here yet so I am going to break the big news right now...I am now the owner of short bangs a la Katy Perry.  Many of you know that I have worn a side swept bang for about a year now and have been toying with the idea of the shorter bangs for a few months now. 

I have been tabling the idea since last spring, my hair stylist and I agreed that summer is not the best time to make this kind of decision since the humidity won't help me style them very well.  So after over four months of deliberation, I pulled the trigger last week and just got them cut.

Styling is definitely different, I have to change how I blow my hair dry of they will not straighten correctly.  This also is the first time in quite a long time that I have to rely more on my blow dryer than I do on my straightening iron, my iron can do little more than touch them up after using the hair dryer on them.  I have learned that it they look terrible after the blow dryer, then they will be put back into a scarf for the whole day and there is nothing that I can do to help them. 

I haven't changed any of my styling products as of yet and aren't planning on it.  I try not to get any of my heavier creams on my bangs and only treat them with a quick hit of Alterna Kendi Spray Oil.  I am not going to have issues with styling product residue rubbing off on my forehead and breaking my skin.

So far reactions to my bangs have been very favorable and I am glad that I did this.  I am also glad that I waited for the right season to do it since I have a feeling that I would have hated them had I made the change during the warm weather.

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