Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bath and Body Works Liplicious Cafe Collection Lip Glosses

Cafe Collecition is yet another group of new lip glosses that Bath and Body Works has released for the fall.  Seriously, if you haven't checked out the lip table at this store than I strongly recommend that you do since they have released so many new lip glosses over the past month and so many of them have been hits.  I have been adding them to my lip gloss collection at a more rapid rate than every before.  I think today's collection might be my favorite of the lip gloss collections so far.  This collection is named Cafe Collection and the flavors of it remind me of my morning trip to Starbucks, I am a sucker for anything that smells like coffee and I have long wished that Starbucks would have their own body product line.  Since that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon, I will have to go with this lip gloss line for my coffee-scented fix.

This lip gloss collections consists of two warmer brown tones, a cool rose, and a pale neutral shade.  The two brown tones will be too wamr for my skintone so no matter how much I like the fragrance of them, I can state up front that I will end up skipping over them.  The rose shade is my favorite on first glance and I have to see how sheer the neutral shade is, it might be too warm for my skintone also.

"Add a jolt to your day with this fun gloss coffee lovers will adore!  Our moisturizing formula, now with conditioning B12, delivers the perfect combination of color and high-glistening shine.  Delicious mouth-watering flavor and high shine in a moisturizing formula."

The first of the two brown tones is Bean Me Up, the deepest of the shades.  This shade is a neutral bronze shade, however I found it to be more of a warm bronze than a neutral.  This shade was very unflattering in my pale, cool skin.  It would be better suited for someone with a warm skintone and has a deeper skintone than me.  I wish that this shade would have worked out better for me since I love the scent of it.  It is caramel latte-scented, a favorite drink of mine.  If the shade would have been better for my skintone, I would have been all over it but since it will look awful on me, I had to skip over this shade.

The second of the brown/warm shades is the one that I saw the least of in the stores, I only ever saw this shade once and it was only at one of the stores that I was at, it was missing from three others.  That being said, I only got to try this shade once and never saw it again.  This shade is named Thanks a Latte, a warm nude shade.  This shade would be best for a warmer complexion since it it more of a peachy tone.  This is a medium nude peach and is another one that wouldn't work for my skin tone.  Which is a shame since it is a vanilla latte flavor, yet another favorite drink of mine.  These warm shades are just killing me since I love these flavors...

The next shade is the rose tint, which is the Chai Carumba flavor.  I have only ever ordered one chai in my whole life so I find it amusing that this is the only shade that I really love.  From what I remember from my one drink, chai is more cinnamon than coffee but I might be a bit off in my description.  A friend of minet old that this smells exactly like a chai latte from Starbucks so it must accurate since that is all that she ever drinks from there.  Whether or not the scent is accurate, this is the best shade of the collection.  It is a dusty rose shade that is much better for cool-toned skin than any of the other shades.  I love this shade on my skin and this was my top pick of the collection.

Mocha My Day is the last shade of this little collection.  Bath and Body Works used to have a scrub with the same name that I loved when I was in college and was sadly discontinued.  This lip gloss smells exactly like this scrub and I was so hoping that this one would work for me.  This shade is a nude cream and is another one that just didn't work for my skin.  It was really pale and warm and it was just bad overall.  The pigmentation of it was uneven, it was sheer in some areas, full pigmentation in others.  I tried blending it out on my lips and it didn't really make it any better.  This was another shade that I had to skip on since this shade just wasn't for me.
I love the fragrances of these glosses, however the Chai is the only shade that works out for me.  I wasn't surprised that many of these shades were too warm for me since most coffee products are different shades of browns.  I do love the rose shade and this is the only one that I purchased of the glosses.  This shade is great for me since it a semi-pigmented rose shade that works perfectly on its won or paired against a stronger eye look.  I will be wearing this one against all the strong eye makeup that we have been seeing this fall.

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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