Wednesday, August 17, 2011

LUSH Helping Hands Hand Cream

Most people think about hand creams in the winter and fall months.  I don't know about anyone else but my hands take a beating all year round; working, blogging, and constantly changing my nail polish shades really dry them out.  Now that my China Glaze obsession is starting and both of my orders came in, I have been changing my polish almost every single day to try new products out.  And WHAM!  My hands feels like they normally do in January...
I am still using my Rich Girl Hand Cream from Lippmann Collection but since that one contains an SPF 25, I decided to save that for during the day and try something different out at night.  I wasn't even quite sure what I had left in collection of products so I decided to do some digging around.  Lo and behold, I found a hand cream in the Think Pink LUSH gift set that I purchased on year on my birthday and I somehow managed to forget about everything that didn't fizz or explode.  I mostly associate LUSH with bath products even though I know they create top quality skincare items too.  Time to move beyond the bubble bars!

The hand cream that was in this set is the lesser of the known products from LUSH.  Their Lemony Fluffer and Charity Pot products usually get the most attention and Helping Hands is never really featured in the LUSH Times or in a prominent place on the store shelves.  Had this product not been included in my giftset simply because the lotion is pink, I doubt that I ever would have really noticed it.  LUSH categorizes this product "for over-worked hands" and a "heavy duty moisturizer".  This is exactly what my skin needs at the moment...

"Miracle working, softening hand cream.  You might be a person who thinks that hand cream is merely one more non-essential thing to spend your money on.  This was created for people that work there fingers to the bone and have suffering hands.  Mark wanted to create a cream that would protect and care for those hands in particular.  It soothes and softens with a powderful mixture of marigold and lavender; shea butter and almond oil are emollient and we've added softening linseed and glycerine.  Give your hands a little help."

Linseed is an ingredient that I have never seen in a body product until now.  "The outer coating of linseeds swells, producing a gel when exposed to water.  They are rich in protein, oil, vitamins, and minerals.  The seeds are nutritious and aid digestive health."  I can see how they play a role in this cream since linseed is rich in oil.

This is one of the most hydrating hand creams that I have ever tried!  The texture is more that of a lotion instead of a tradition cream and therefore, it sinks into hands right away without leaving any type of greasy afterfeeling.  For that alone, it is worth purchasing the small purse size of this cream right along with the full size since you will want to carry it with you wherever you go.  I have been lending my tube of this cream out to my coworkers and it has been getting rave reviews from everyone who tries some of it.  LUSH has never disappointed me and this product is no exception!  LUSH has proven themselves beyond the bath bombs and the bubble bars...

photo courtesy of LUSH 

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