Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trish McEvoy Fall 2011 Collection - Chic and Sheer Collection

Another brand that get so little love...  Yesterday, we looked at the latest collection from Shu Uemua and today we are looking at the newest little collection from Trish McEvoy.  I feel like this is another brand that so few people have heard of and yet carries some iconic products.  The No. 9 scent is the ultimate blackberry and vanilla combination and has been duplicated by many other beauty brands yet so few people seem to know where the original came from.  Of course, I have to drive at least an hour to get to a Trish McEvoy counter and even these are getting fewer and farther between unless I head up toward New York.  Lately, it seems like if your brand isn't carried at Sephora or Macy's, then there is little to no hope for many ladies to know what you offer.  And I love Sephora but I sometimes feel like they make certain brands popular that wouldn't be best-sellers because soley on product quality and other brands that they don't have/push get totally brushed by. 

But if you happen to be near a store that has a Trish McEvoy counter, then you will want to tune into this post about a little collection that they have offered for the fall season.  I do mean that it is small collection: two eye shadows,  a lipstick, a lip balm, and a makeup brush are the extent of the offerings.  However, for the first time in weeks, it looks like the lipstick is the star of this collection, which already separates from the rest of the herd this fall...  The collection is named Chic and Sheer, sheer is a quality that we really haven't been seeing this fall.  This collection will work well for the office or for someone who doesn't want to wear tons of color on a daily basis.

Chic and Sheer...

Deluxe Eye Shadow French Vanilla - Trish's silky smooth matte formula glides on evenly and blends seamlessly for a professional application while offering long wear and crease resistance.  Light, neutral-toned eye shadows offered in deluxe size for daily use.  Mistake-proof colors and silky smooth textures are the ideal eye shadow base.  Can be worn alone or other Eye Base Essentials for an ultra-neutral, purely pretty look.  Perfectly sized for Trish's Refillable Makeup Pages and Compacts.

Eye Shadow Soft Gray - Trish's silky smooth matte formula glides on evenly and blends seamlessly for a professional application while offering long wear and crease-resistance.  Perfectly sized for Trish's Refillable Makeup Pages and Compacts.

Brush 62 Fan - The latest addition to Trish's iconic collection of handcrafted makeup artistry brushes, the flat, arched shape and fine edge of Brush 62 Fan is precision-cut to deposit a whisper of color alog the features, a veil of finishing powder to the under-eye, or as a tool to gently fan away fallout for a perfect finish.

SPF 15 Lip Color Mulberry - Protect, condition, and add the perfect touch of color to your lips all-in-one with Trish's SPF 15 Lip Color.  Mulberry is a cool medium pink berry.

Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Gloss - Lip treatment, protection, and color all in one.  Beautify and optimally hydrate lips with the first application of Trish's lip quenching formula.
- Brightening Pink - bright blue pink
- Pretty Pink - light neutral pink
- Sexy Petal - pale cool blue pink
- Sexy Nude - medium neutral nude

Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Balm - Heal, hydrate, plump, and protect your pout with Trish's ultra-enriched Vitamin E-based Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Balm.  The advanced treatment formulation boosts anti-oxidants and superior moisturizers deep into lips to soothe and smooth even the driest lips while shielding their health and beauty from the elements.

Finally a strong lip collection!  I love the Mulberry shade of lipstick that is offered with this collection and I need to buy a tube the next time that I get into the city.  This is one of the best lip offerings that I have seen so far this season and I am just so glad that someone is offering collections that contains more lip products than eye makeup choices.  Mulberry will be perfect with all the eye makeup that I have been picking up over the past few weeks and will also work very well with my skintone.  I love both of the eye shadow products however I already own shades like them so I will want to play with the first to see if the textures are superior to products that I already own.

I love this little collection and I can see myself getting lots of use from these products and shades this fall.  On a final note, pink lip gloss choices for the fall just send me over the moon!  I love pink lip gloss but usually find that my choices aren't as good in the cooler months as they are in the warmer months.  Just another reason to head to this counter soon!

photo courtesy of Trish McEvoy

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