Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MAC Turquatic

Turquatic is MAC's newest fragrance release.  Or perhaps I should say re-release.  Or even re-re-release.  This product first appeared with one of the summer collections released in 2008, it was limited edition and sold out rather quickly at the counters.  I actually bought one of the last bottles of it at my counter and then it appeared as "sold out" on the company's website.  Several months later, this fragrance quietly cam eback as one of MAC's permanent fragrances in their Hues collection.  This spring, it was discontinued yet again, to the loud complaints of it's faithful fans.  I don't know if it was discontinued to only change the packaging or if the company planned to retire it fully and then received so many complaints that it was in their best interest to re-release, but I am just happy that it has returned.  I finished my bottle up at the end of last summer and after this spring, I was afraid that I would never get my hands on another bottle again.

"Everyone who has become addicted to MAC's classic Turquatic, our sensual sea-spray of a fragrance, bracing with Anemone, Lotus, Orris, and a curious waft of Corsican Blue Cedar will love the sleek new rollerball option and new, larger 50 ml size."

Turquatic Rollerball - Now in a sleek, take anywhere 6 ml Rollerball, Turquatic, MAC's sensual sea-spray of a fragrance with notes of Anenome, Lotus, Orris, and Corsican Blue Cedar.  A new classic!

Turquatic 50 ml - Our new 50 ml option for everyone who has become addicted to Turquatic!  Featuring Anenome, Lotus, Orris, and Corsican Blue Cedar, this larger size comes in packaging perfect for those who want more.

Turquatic 20 ml - MAC's classic sea-inspired fragrance, with notes of Anenome, Lotus, Orris, and Corsican Blue Cedar, now in a special decorated bottle to complement this crisp and energizing fragrance.

I loved this fragrance when I first bought it and wore it straight for almost the rest of the summer.  This fragrance is the strongest ocean-inspired fragrance that I have every used.  Normally, they go on medium strength and then fade away within two or three hours.  The cedar in this scent is what comes out on my skin after the initial top notes have worn off and this is how it stays on me all day.  It stays clean and fresh throughout the whole day.  On my skin, this scent can be very easy to overdo because of the cedar note and I have to be a bit careful with it on the warmest days of the summer.

I love the new packaging of this product, especially the 50 ml size.  The packaging of that bottle makes me want to purchase the bigger bottle even though I use it sparingly in the hot weather.  I believe that it is now time to buy myself the replacement bottle that I was going to purchase earlier this year...

photo courtesy of MAC


ammhcd said...

The sent has changed!! I bought a 50mL bottle and it smells more musky and not as light and crisp. I am so disappointed, they said only the packaging changed but more than one person asked me if I changed perfumes now!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD SENT!!!

queenisabelle29 said...

That is the last thing that I wanted to hear! I want a bottle of the old scent, thank you for telling me, now I know to go to the counter and try it on instead of just ordering it online...