Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Philosophy Snowcone Stand Set

Snowcones!!!  Blue snowcones were one of my favorite treats to eat as a child and I still fondly remember the days at the summer car shows when my parents would buy these for me to keep me quiet and somewhat happy.  Even as an adult, I still have the view that the blue flavor of these treats is completely unique and cannot be replicated in nature.  Blue snowcone is unique and will remain that way for the rest of my years.  Philosophy has somehow managed to replicate this scent and created a line of body washes around it and the other types of snowcones that are often found at the county fair.  I somehow doubted that this could be a perfect match and I had to check this one out the last time that I was at Sephora. 

Philosophy has released two products in the snowcone collection, one of which is a set of three smaller 3-in1s and the other is a full sized 3-in-1 in the blue snowcome scent only.  "Snowcone Stand features Cherry Snowcone, Blue Raspberry Snowcone, and Purple Grape Snowcone Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Baths 6 oz. to bring you a flurry of fun.  Multi-tasking, 3-in-1 formulas.  Cleanse and condition skin and hair.  Leave skin and hair feeling silky soft." 

This set is best for people who really like sweet, candy-scented fragrances.  The Cherry Snowcone is a supersweet cherry candy scent that I found overwhelming just smelling it from the bottle at Sephora.  I don't think that I could bathe in this scent every single day, it is just too much and would turn my stomach after the first few uses.  The Grape is dead-on accurate, meaning that it is just bad.  I hate the scent and taste of artifical grape candy so this one is complete miss for me.  This is another one that would turn my stomach after the first uses.  However, if you love the scent of grape candy (I have a friend that does) then this is a very unique scent and would be a surefire hit for them.  The Blue Raspberry is the winner of this set, it is dead-on to the snowcone scent.  All of the scents are very sweet and will appeal to a very unique customer only.

Onto the Blue Raspberry scent itself.  "Chill out as you lather with Blue Raspberry Snowcone Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath.  The high-foaming lather cleanses and conditions skin and hair.  Leaves skin and hair feeling silky soft."  This is a great scent, especially if you love blue raspberry but I really don't know if I will purchase this one or not.  I have so many products at this point that it is hard for me to use up any 3-in-1s even when I really love the scent.  I am really convinced that I would never use this product up since the scent is so sweet that I would get sick of it after a few uses and would have to put it away after I get burned out on it.  If this scent was made in a smaller size (that I didn't have to buy the whole set for), I would be all over buying this scent.  This one was quite strong on first sniff however none of the Philosophy shower products linger on the skin.  This one will make your whole bathroom smell like a carnival, a very good or very bad thing (depending on your viewpoint).

I love the concept on these fragrances, I don't believe that they have been done before (or if they have, they haven't been done well) and they will appeal to a definitite audience.  However, the group that these fragrances will appeal to is much smaller than the group that will avoid it.  You have to love candy fragrances to use these and I don't even think that I could use them on a daily basis (and I love candy fragrances!).  I like the Blue Raspberry however it is so strong and sweet that I would need to buy it in a much smaller bottle than the one that they have available.  Doubtful that this is going to happen so I bet that I will be skipping out on these and waiting until Philosophy brings out more of their fall and Halloween products.

photo courtesy of Philosophy

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