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Warren Tricomi Pure Strength Close Strengthener

Warren Tricomi is currently one of the top salons in New York City and are now spreading throughout the country.  I have found that many top places in New York tend to get overshadowed by the huge names in the hair care business; Redken, Fekkai, Oscar Blandi, etc.  However, as we all know, top names do not equal top talent.  I do not doubt any of the stylists at these salons are anything but top quality and well worth their weight in haircare gold, but I am partial to the Warren Tricomi salon (even though I have never been able to get any kind of appointment there).  My obsession with Joel Warren and Ed Tricomi started several years ago when I first watched a video of their individual techniques.  Tricomi's cutting techniques enchanted me on that day and have held my full interest ever since.

The duo teamed up over twenty years ago and have been going strong ever since.  Warren is the colorist and Tricomi is the stylist.  They started as one salon in the city and have since gone on to have their own line of haircare and styling products and have launched a line of salons that are quickly sweeping the entire country.  This duo is unique in that they have invented many of their famed techniques and their products are very unique and unequalled on the market today.  I pulled some background from the company's website in order to give all of you a bit of background about the two partners.

"Joel is a master colorist who believes that 'exceptional color should create movement, add texture and shine'.  Through his vast knowledge of coloring techniques (many of which he has invented) and his masterful eye for contrast, shadow, and depth, Joel customizes every client's color."

"Edward is a masterful stylist who is legendary for his signature dry hair precision-cutting technique.  Due to this rapid-fire way of cutting, many have compared the way he works to the way an artist uses a pencil.  Known for his abilty to describe and reproduce hundreds of years of hair fashion, he is perhaps the greatest hair historian of modern times,  a skill which he has put to use in his work with countless designers and models."

One of the most unique products in their hair care line is the Pure Strength collection.  This is the only shampoo and conditioner system on the market that actually consists of a third product that is used in between the shampoo and conditioner.  This third products is called Close and this is the subject of my post today, I will circle back to the shampoos and conditioners in their line in the coming weeks however this product is designed for all hair types and is the hero product of their line. 

From "Warren Tricomi Pure Strength Close Strengthener was created for sufferers of split ends, hair breakage, and loss of color to use between cleansing and conditioning to heal and protect your hair.  Breakthrough formula targets damaged cuticles that cause breakage, split ends, and lifeless hair.  Formula's technologically advanced procress works instantly, causing cuticles to lie down, and close, locking in volume, shine, and strength.  Designed for all hair types; safe for hair under stress."

This product seems exactly like it was designed for my hair; daily heat styled, straightened, and color treated.  I need anything that contains extra moisture and proteins to help strengthen my hair cuticle.  I used this product in tandem with the matching shampoo and conditioner that were designed for dry hair.  The first thing that I learned about this collection is that it is made to use together and adding or subtracting products will make the Close step much less effective.

The shampoos and conditioners from this company were made with the Close step in mind, the formulations are designed around it and to use with it.  I purchased the whole collection together and that is the only way to use it, I found out the hard way that sometimes following the directions is a necessity...

Close contains essential ingredients to help heal the hair (ingredients that have been patented from this company and are not fully listed on the website).  After washing with the Warren Tricomi shampoo, the hair cuticle is left open and ready to absorb the Close ingredients to heal and then close the cuticle.  The matching conditioner in this line is used to seal in the Close ingredients and is not hydrating enough on its own.  Skipping the Close step will leave the cuticle open and the conditioner is not formulated to hydrate and close it on its own.  This was designed as a system and it must be used as a system or you will not like the results.

Close is very hydrating and is a great step for someone who straightened their hair since it completely closes the hair cuticle and helps it to lie flat.  When the hair cuticle is totally flat, straightening becomes much easier and shine products are much more effective.  I saw a huge increase in shine without using as much serum as a I normally have it.  Even the ends of my hair were soft and shiny without additional products, a huge feat for curly hair. 

I used this product every single way for about a week to reap the full benefits.  After this time, I began to see a bit of build up on my hair and released that this formula is was beginning to leave a coating on my hair and therefore waqs not being as effective as it could be.  I recommened alternating this system with another shampoo and conditioner to make sure that product is not building up on the cuticle.  I also recommend adding a clarifying shampoo into the mix once a week to keep this system performing at peak quality. 

Close may be recommended by the company for every hair type but I do not share this recommendation.  This is a great product for medium to very thick and coarse hair.  The same holds true for color-treated and heat-styled ahir.  If your hair is fine and you often let it is air dry, then your hair isn't damaged enough for this product to fully penetrate and you will be left with build-up and no major difference in the condition of your hair.  This product is very nourishing and and heavy and will weigh fine hair down and actually make it look worse if volume is already an issue. 

Close gets the prize for the most unique hair product on the market today, which is fully in accord with the styles and techniques used at the Warren Tricomi salon.  This is a top pick for medium to thick hair that has heat styled or undergone chemical treatments.  After two uses, my hair looked amazing and I got some many compliments on it.  This is a very high maintence hair care system and is really only recommended for those who really care for their hair.

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Tru Dillon said...

I agree you cant use this line 100%/but the step 2 the close, can be used after any other shampoo once a month. That is what I do. I only now use the close after shampoo and before conditioner. It leaves my dry ends feeling healthy!

queenisabelle29 said...

What shampoos and conditioners do you prefer to use it with?