Friday, August 5, 2011

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

Amazing Cosmetics is not one of the best known makeup lines out there but I think it one that produces some of the highest quality products that I have ever tried.  The concealer from this line is one of the first high-end makeup products that I have ever used (right after I graduated college was when I really began to get into color) and I am convinced that it helped me to come all the way over to the high-end lines.  How did one single product accomplish this?  Two ways!  The first way is that one tube lasts forever, when I used drugstore concealer in college, I went through tubes of it like crazy.  This product?  One small tube of this product lasted me almost a year and a half (without any change in pigmentation or texture).  The other reason is that it worked wonders for my complexion and really let me see how very quality products work in comparision to lower quality ones.

For those of you who don't know all the background on the Amazing Cosmetics line, I will provide a brief introduction to brand (from the Sephora website).  "It all started with a concealer - a multi-purpose, highly pigmented, waterproof concealer that magically erased everything from dark circles to sun damage and looked undetectable on the skin.  Makeup pros in the film and television industry discovered this little wonder and now half of Hollywood, along with scores of women, is hooked.  Amazing Cosmetics has single handedly changed the face of makeup with high-performance products that offer flawless results.  From their cult-favorite concealer to the their skin-smoothing mineral foundation and wearable palette of color, an amazing complexion has never been more achievable."  This concealer is known as the "magic eraser" and it is exactly what it does. 

"A full-coverage concealer ideal for any kind of imperfection.  Amazing Cosmetics' Amazing Concealer is the most amazing concealer available today.  This highly pigmented, super-emollient, waterproof formula blends seamlessly into the skin, creating a flawless complexion that looks and feels natural.  The Amazing Concealer is formulated to erase all skin imperfections: dark circles, broken capillaries, sun damage, redness, and more.  There's nothing on the market today that can compare to Amazing Concealer and its ability to erase all skin imperfections.  Unlike the traditional concealers, the Amazing Concealer is so concentrated, you only need to use tiny pin-dot amounts of product to create the skin you've always wanted but thought that you could never have.  A beauty insider's favorite, the Amazing Concealer is your 'magic eraser'."

This concealer is available in a very wide range of shades for a concealer, a product that we usually see offered in about three to five shades.  I purchased the Fair (Ultra Light) shade and it was a perfect match for my NC15 skin.  This concealer is a fantastic product however it is not as low maintence as using a concealer from a stick.  This product is housed in a small tube, it reminds of a tube of paint.  This must be applied with a concealer brush, it is so concentrated that if you use your fingers, then you will overapply and end up with a caked appearance on the skin.  I squeezed a dot-sized amount out on the back of my hand and then used a flat synthetic concealer brush to apply it to the skin.  I dotted it on undereye circles and then blended it with my ring finger to spread it out.  Spot concealing is even easier than that.  I take the tip of the brush and dab the product right on the blemish or dark area and then lightly pat it into my skin.  This product is very emollinet so I do recommend setting this product with loose powder to ensure that it stays on all day.

After the intial application, this product will last all day with minimal touching up.  The only areas that required any type of touching up were blemishes and the touch-ups were few and far between.  The formula is more emollient that many other formulas so I do not recommend it for oily skin or extensive acne cover-ups.  With the long-wearing factor of this product, a separate makeup remover or toner is needed to ensure that this product fully comes off.  I would also think that you would be fine removing this product with a oil cleanser, but if you are using a light foam or natural cream cleanser, you will need a separate product for full removal. 

This is hands down the best concealer that I have tried so far.  I recommend this to many people who are looking for a great concealer, especially for undereye coverage.  For acne coverage, I do prefer Laura Mercier's Secret Camoflage as it is less emollient and a thicker texture.  This is not a product for you if you prefer a fast stick coverage, you need to spend a bit more time with this product in this morning.  However, once you take the time, you will have coverage that lasts all day and into the night.  It is worth it to me to spend the extra few minutes in the morning and not have to worry about touch-ups throughout the day. 

One thing that both delighted and surprised me, I never knew that this was a whole line of makeup products.  I have always associated this line with just the concealer and I was aware that a limited line of face product existed but I never knew that they went all the way out into color choices.  I will have to investigate these products and see if they live up to the reputation of the "magic eraser" concealer.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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