Tuesday, August 23, 2011

O.P.I. Fall 2011 Collection - Touring America

The major theme of the O.P.I. seasonal polish collections this year seems to be the United States and colors that have been inspired by areas of the country.  So far this year we have already seen a collection based totally on Texas and now we are going to see shades that have been designed for all different areas of this country.  I feel like O.P.I. is always doing collections based on different areas of the world and it was just a matter of time before they found shades that were based on the United States.  I wasn't all that excited by the Texas collection and I am hoping that this collection is a bit better.  I tend to be more into collections based on areas of Western Europe but I will give this collection a fair shot. 

O.P.I. isn't a consistent favorite collection of mine since many of their limited edition shades are just repeats of their permanent collection and they are never as unique as some of the shades from other companies.  However, I know that I can always find any type of shade from this company.  O.P.I has some really nice shades but I can't say that I would purchase the majority of the shades (like I would China Glaze).  "O.P.I. takes to the American road with a palette of shades that brings a new spirit of classic style to life."

Here is the new collection...
- Are We There Yet? - light coral with gold shimmer
- A-Taupe the Space Needle - warm taupe cream
- Color to Diner For - warm deep cranberry shimmer
- French Quarter for Your Thoughts - light gray cream
- Get in the Expresso Lane - deep neutral expresso shimmer
- Honk If You Love O.P.I. - deep grape cream
- I Brake For Manicures - deep gray purple shimmer
- I Eat Mainly Lobster - coral with gold shimmer
- My Address is "Hollywood" - warm rose cream
- Road House Blues - deep navy cream
- Suzi Takes the Wheel - pale gray with a green cast
- Uh Oh, Roll Down the Window - deep olive green cream

As with any O.P.I. collection, there are a few shades that I like from this collection and will plan on purchasing but there is nothing that I am completely in love with.  There is nothing super-unique in this collection but it is a good, solid collection that will appeal to many women.  I feel like O.P.I. is running out of both names and shades at this point and the company is beginning to repeat products. 

The being said...I still have a few shades that I will be seeking out from this group of products.  I love Road House Blues since it is a deep navy.  I also like Suzi Takes the Wheel, I can see myself using this pale gray a lot over the next few months.  French Quarter for Your Thoughts is another gray that I will be using this fall too.  I really only like the blue and gray shades from this collection, the corals are awful and many of the other shade are just too warm for my skintone.

Final thought, the name I Eat Mainly Lobster made me gag, this is not a polish for vegetarians...

photo courtesy of hotbeautyhealth.com 

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