Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kat Von D True Romance Eye Shadow Palette in Poetica

Everyone know that I love a good Kat Von D eye shadow palette and that I'm not exaggerating when I state that I really use every single shade in the palette and use them until there is no more product left in the container.  It seems like Kat Von D has been releasing a new True Romance Eye Shadow Palette either once a season or once every other season.  I wasn't really into the summer release, Angeles, for the simple fact that it contained several blues and brights, none of which are my top choices for eye makeup.  Poetica is her newest palette for the fall and winter and I am going to go out on a limb and state that this might be her best palette since the initial collection release.  Since these are great palettes overall, this is big accomplishment.  Poetica contains the traditional shades that Kat puts in almost every single palette, with two lovely lavender additions. 

"A palette with eight eye shadow colors and an eye liner pencil.  Create a smoky eye or try a rocker chick look with this True Romance Eye Shadow Palette.  Designed especially for Sephora by tattoo artist and reality television star Kat Von D, this artistic spectrum of shades includes neutral nudes and browns with purple highlights to bring a sense of edgy-glam to your look.  Plus, get a mini version of Kat's waterproof Puro Amor Black Autograph Pencil Eye Liner."  Is this the first palette to contain an eye liner or have I been missing something?!  My Ludwig palette certainly doesn't contain an eye liner and since I often use the shades with one, I wish this I had one in there that was hand-picked by Kat! 

I also read on the Sephora website that each of these eye shadows is formulated with rose extract, an ingredient with superior hydrating properties to help the eye lids stay soft and moisturized.  I wonder if that is the secret ingredient in her eye shadows, since every single one that I have tried so far is soft, buttery, and very easy to spread onto the lid.  If this is so than I hope that other companies with use this ingredient or that Kat will contain to grow her eye shadow line, I still would love to see duos and single eye shadows instead of just the palettes.

Here are the shades that make up the Poetica palette...

- Forgiveness - pearlized butter-cream
- Sand Timer - pearlized sand
- Chandler - pearlized copper
- Tijuana - brown and black with gold sparkle
- Wonderland - burgundy with gold pearl
- Skiba - purple with gold pearl
- Babe - lavender
- You Alone - matte vanilla
The left half of the palette (Forgiveness, Sand Timer, Chandler) look exactly as many of the other Kat Von D shadow palettes, none of these shades are that unique but I guarentee that you will get tons of usage from them as highlighters.  Skiba is the most unique of all the shades, it is rare to find a good purple with a gold vein, I am hoping that this one is easier to work with then the version that I have of it from MAC (name escapes me at the moment, it was limited edition and came out in A Rose Romance).  That would be awesome because this palette could very easily be used to create a fantastic purple and gold gilded eye. 

I love that Kat Von D has changed her palette style just a bit to get away from the smoky eye look that seems to have dominated her last few palettes, they are all lovely but how many versions of a smoky eye palette does one person need?  This one will help to create the gilded eye look that will be so popular going into fall and helps to break the smoky eye palette trend.

This one is going on my Most Wanted List...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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