Thursday, August 25, 2011

LUSH Lip Scrubs

I tend to go through phases with companies and products and right now my big obsession is trying out LUSH skincare.  I started with the hand cream a few weeks ago and now have tried out one of the new lip scrubs that they released about two years ago.  I ordered this product from LUSH the exact same way that I order all of my other fun LUSH products, what color is it and what does it smell like?  I must confess that the lip scrubs didn't hold my interest as a skincare product, instead I saw that they were candy scented and that one of them was bright pink.  When a product is bright pink and from LUSH, I can't resist and I ask no questions before I purchase it.  Thank god that this is a high quality line and I haven't gotten any major duds this way...

The LUSH website gives an overall description of the lip scrubs and then a detailed description of each product.  "Ro created the scrubs because she feels that people don't take enough care with their lips.  There are perfect for scrubbing and moisturizing your lips before you put your lipstick on."  The main ingredient in all of these scrubs is castor sugar, a fine-grained sugar that dissolves in water very easily.  It is used in these scrubs and it is also used in baking.  Every lip scrub that I have ever used contains sugar so I wasn't surprised at all when it was the main ingredient in this line of lip scrubs.  I wonder what other types of ingredients could even be gentle enough to use on an area such as the lips.

The first of the three new scrubs is the one that I purchased, Bubblegum Lip Scrub.  "This one will make your lips smell like our best-selling Snow Fairy shower gel.  Bubblegum is made with exfoliating castor sugar and our delicious vegan flavor to gently scrub away rough skin, keeping your lips smooth and kissably soft with the help of jojoba oil."  I loved the Bubblegum Lip Scrub from the very first time that I used it, the scent itself was the Snow Fairy scent that I love every single holiday.  I couldn't live without Snow Fairy and it continues to be one of my favorite LUSH fragrances ever.  The product melted quickly on my lips and a fingertip-sized ball was enough to fully cover my lips and get all the dead, flaky skin off. 

Sweet Lips is the second of the LUSH scrubs and is the other one that smells yummy enough to eat.  Sweet Lips smells exactly like a bar of milk chocolate and this one uses vanilla and jojoba in addition to the sugar to keep lips soft and smooth.  "Our fabulous lips scrubs are here tio keep your kissers sweet.  Ro created the scrubs because she feels that people don't take enough care with their lips.  These are perfect for scrubbing and moisturizing your lips before you put on your lipstick.  Sweet Lips is the lip scrub for chocolate fanatics, it smells like a bar of creamy milk chocolate."  The jojoba oil is a favorable alternative to petroleum-derived lubricants due to their emollient properties and biodegradability.  Jojoba oil is both softening and light-textured at the same time and therefore will absorb quickly and fully hydrate the lips.  Milk chocolate sounds great and I would consider buying this one when I finish up the Bubblegum scrub.

The last of the three scrubs is the Mint Julip flavor, a slightly less sweet version of the scrubs.  This scrubs is described on the LUSH website as being a "refreshing mint scrub".  "When you use Mint Julips, you'll find yourself craving a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  It's made with refreshing peppermint oil, which will make your lips feel soothed and tingly, and jojoba oil to moisturize."  This one is a better choice for you if you don't love the super sweet scents of the other two.  This one is a bit more of a herbal mint than a very sweet mint chocolate chip scent and the peppermint oil will leave your lips tingling after you wipe it off. 

The Bubblegum selection from this company is a great lip scrub though I must confess that I don't find many lip scrubs to differ all that much in formulation.  Most of the differences between the individuial products occurs with the scent and types of moisturizers included in the formula.  Every lip scrub that I have tried so far is made with sugar and none of the formulas really differ all that much.  As far as I am concerned, as long as the company uses a combination of sugar and an oil, the scrubs will not differ all that much and will perform at about the same level.  That being said, I don't want a plain product when I could have a bright pink lip scrub that tastes like bubblegum!  Of course the bubblegum would be my favorite of the products and would be the one that I would order first.  When I need to repurchase this product, I wouldn't have anything against purchasing the chocolate or the mint but I bet that I would buy the bubblegum since I love it so much.

photo courtesy of LUSH

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