Monday, August 29, 2011

Shu Uemura Fall 2011 Collection - Novadiva

Novadiva is the newest collection from Shu Uemura, a company that produces some of the best quality makeup products but is among the hardest to find in the United States.  At this point, their products are available only on the company's website but they are so worth any type of shipping charge and the wait that has been involved when ordering from the company.  Novadiva is another strong eye makeup collection, I seriously feel that this is all that we are seeing this fall and I am hoping that just a few companies will release strong lip collections.  Especially since I read in this month's Allure that lipstick sales are up 11% in the last year and yet everything seems to be eye makeup this year...

"In the complete silence and darkness, her single gesture breaks the tension with her aura.  They see the diva.  Suddenly the stage lightens, the spotlight shines on her from different angles, her "face" and "role" diversity: coquettish, sweet, sensual, even evil, driving the audience to a different time and space.", states the Shu Uemura website when describing the overall collection.

Here is the Novadiva collection...

Prima Palette Quad Custom Case - For 4 Eye Shadow refills or 2 Glow On Blush refills or 2 Eye Shadow refills and 1 Glow On Blush refill.  Refillable empty custom quad, decorated with a delicate pattern of shimmering lace.  Play and customize the palette to create infinite looks, just like the diva diversifies her face on the stage.  An eco-concept, seeking a design without glue, plastic frames, or other elements that may end up in a landfill.  Shu Uemura's refillable palette is like a game, with one small movement you can change your eye shadow selection to match your every desire.

Shimmer Eye Liner - Accentuate the eye contour with a glittery line in a waterproof formula.
- Silver - light gray with silver shimmer

Tutu Laceflare False Eyelashes - Tutu-inspired lashes with waving layers of black lace.  With a touch of gold glitter, these lashes give sparkling winks.

Pressed Eye Shadow Refill - Experience infinite choice for your ever-evolving style.  Truest color-payoff and a non-fading finish.  Blends effortlessly for ideal coverage control.  The powders capture light, absorbing and reflecting it for a multi-dimensional effect.  Full color spectrum, 5 different textures.  Matte: a velvety, even finish gives vivid color with a smooth finish.  Pearl: a silky shimmer of light for luminous radiance.  Iridescent: captivating shades offer glimmering reflections of changing colors.  Metallic: smooth, liquid-like with a metallic glow.  Glitters: abundant sparkles for glistening glamour.
- P Dark Blue 696 - pearl midnight blue
- ME Medium Olive 472 - metallic golden khaki
- P Light Pink 125 - pearl delicate pink
- IR Light Beige 811 - iridescent nude
- IR Dark Blue 690 - iridescent midnight sky
- ME Medium Plum 761 - metallic reddish plum brown
- G White Rainbow - sparkling rainbow
- M Soft Brown - matte golden brown

Cream Cheek Refill - Glow On Blush in a extra smooth, creamy texture.  Capture the light and shadow to create a multi-facet dimensional face as if you are in the spotlight.
- Gentle Amber - tawny medium nude
- Radiant Pearl - iridescent pearl

Nail Color - Embellish your fingertips this fall with this rich colored nail polish.
- Coquettish Brown - deep plummy brown shimmer
- Mysterious Green - deep forest green shimmer

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte - The debut of extremely matte yet comfortable lipstick.  A range of distinctive shades reveals the many facets of your personality.
- Evil Pink - light matte blue pink
- Angelic Pink - deep berry pink
- Darling Beige - neutral medium beige

Hang on, why is Evil Pink the lighter of the two shades and Angelic Pink the darker of the two shades?  I feel like most companies would reverse the names of the two shades.  My thinking is the Shu Uemura would pair the lighter of the two shades with the dramatic eye makeup that is shown on the model in this picture, making that the "evil" look and that the deep berry shade would be paired with minimal eye makeup, making that the "angelic" look.  That is only my theory though...  However the model looks as though she is wearing the darker of the two shades with the dramatic eye makeup.  I don't get this...

That being said, I like many products from this collection but find the model's look totally unwearable and the false eyelashes way too out there for me to ever pull off.  I really wonder how many of these lashes get sold and how people pull them off.  I love the Medium Olive and Medium Dark Plum shades, the others are nice but I already own something just like them and I don't need another version of the same shade.  Neither of the blush shades appeal to me so it looks like I will be skipping over these and the only Nail Polish shade that I like is the Mysterious Green.  However, Mysterious Green is not all that unique so I will skip it since I could find one close to it from China Glaze or O.P.I. (who really knows what it is going to look like in person anyway?).  I really hate not being able to see any of these shades in person since it is such a hassle to return product through the mail...

photo courtesy of Shu Uemura


dontcallmejessie said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Evil Pink is actually the darker pink and Angelic Pink is the lighter. The names must have been mixed up in the promo information. Hope that helps! :) Totally agree with you about the model's makeup look in the promo image, too. Also, the lips don't even look matte!

queenisabelle29 said...

Thank you for the correction, I thought it looked odd in the information that I had but I gave the company the benefit of the doubt. After seeing the picture of the model, I wasn't sure what they were thinking...