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Dior Fall 2011 Collection - Blue Tie

I can never resist a Dior collection, especially one that is for fall.  Fall and spring are Dior's best seasons and I look forward to the collections at the beginning of each season.  Dior has always been able to make at least one or two products that end up at the very top of my Most Wanted lists.  And the packaging itself is normally so lust-worthy that I would purchase the products just to gaze at the lovely compacts.  I have often come to the conclusion that Dior does packaing better than anyone else in the beauty industry and at times, they do the packaging better than the actaul products themselves.  I know that I can trust this line to bring me a lust-worthy product this fall but I am really hoping that I lust for the product itself and not just the stunning compact that it is offered in...

The new collection from Dior is named Blue Tie.  My initial thoughts were that I would hate the eye makeup in this collection and that I will need any nail polish that comes out in it.  "'Midnight blue is the only color that can ever compete with black.', - Christian Dior.  Both black and color, light and smoke, masculine, and feminine, discover the ultra-chic midnight blue by Dior."   I love the nail polish shade that has been offered with this collection, I first saw a hint of it over the summer and I am so happy that I can finally get my hands on a bottle!

The Blue Tie collection...

Blue Tie Palette - Dior has created luxury with the Dior Blue Tie palette, audaciously blending feminine glamour with masculine edge, and harmoniously modernizing the House codes.  This quartet of multi-pressed eye shadows combines matte and shimmering textures in a reflection of the tuxedo fabrics, reinterpreting the couture, embossed Dior camework motif.  This quartet provides a myriad blue hues for a strong, densely smoky eye.  Beneath the CD stamped silver door lies a nude pink lip gloss to complement.

5 Couleurs Designer - An ultra-professional and totally new version of the 5 Couleur Eye Shadow palette.  Five different textures have been brought together in a single case to create eye shadow styles through layering.  1 - Base (light), 2 - Color (iridescent), 3 - Shade (satin), 4 - Shine (pearlescent), 5 - Linder (mat) represent the 5 essential steps used by professional makeup artists to draw attention to the eyes and create ultra-graphic eye makeup looks.
- Navy Design - pale white shimmer/pale silver shimmer/medium gray matte/deep charcoal shimmer/deep navy shimmer

Diorblush - Dress your cheeks in color and light!  Dior presents the first blush that plays on color intensity and a variety of finishes to create a natural, healthy glow with a subtle sparkle.  A matte finish enhances the natural skin tone, while a pearly finish highlights the planes of the face.  Silky and lightly scented, this Couture blush comes in a wide range of colors to suit all skintones.
- Passionfruit - medium warm pink/light neutral pink

Serum de Rouge - Dior creates Serum de Rouge, an elixir of youth with exquisite radiance.  A sublime alliance of skincare and color benefits, the serum texture literally melts onto your lips for absolute comfort with a wonderful sensation upon application.  The formula, with 10 times more concentrated skincare ingredients than classical lipsticks, provides moisture, volume, and smoothing benefits for your lips, immediately after application and day after day.  Directions for use: turn pen with a single click to obtain the perfect amount for ideal makeup results.
- Raspberry Serum - deep berry cream

Rouge Dior - Rouge Dior is a wardrobe of 32 sublime shades directly inspired by the deep, luxurious colors of Dior Haute Couture gowns to reveal all the beauty and triumphant and radiant feminity!  Instantly and day after day, this exceptional lipstick offer the lips the extreme splendor of full, smooth, and perfectly defined youthfulness.  The secret?  A new generation of plumping hyaluronic acid microspheres.  Generously coated with pigments in the lip surface, they help boost the radiance and depth of color.  In a midnight blue Haute Couture case with the canework motif dear to the brand, unveils the "Haute Couleur" stick, made even more extraordinary due to its unique shine and its engraved CD signature.
- Pisanelle Pink - medium neutral pink cream

Dior Vernis - The ultimate accessory for this blue collection comes in the shape of 2 new, extremely audacious, nail varnish shades.  Tuxedo, a deep and intense blue, attracts attention with its magnetic presence.  Blue Denim has a more urban vibe, gleaming like a bolt of electric lightning at each fingertip.  A must have for all fashionistas.
- Tuxedo - deep navy shimmer
- Blue Denim - bright blue cream

Oh this collection actually makes me wish that I could pull off blue eye makeup!  I love the Blue Tie Palette but I can't buy it only for the lip gloss shade contained in it.  Since none of the eye makeup in this collection will not work for me, I am going to prefer the lip and nail products from this collection.  My favorite piece of the collection is the Rouge Dior in Pisanelle Pink, this will be the perfect neutral pink for me.  I also love the berry shade that is offered in the Serum de Rouge, I will wear this one a lot this fall too.  The new blush product is also very interesting to me and I want to head to the counter and try this product out too.  I am a bit worried that the paler shade in the palette might be too light for my taste, I want to try and find this product in a deeper rose shade.  To finish it up, it goes without saying that I must have both of these nail varnishes since they are both blues

photo courtesy of Nordstrom 

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