Thursday, February 7, 2013

B. Kamins Vegetable Face Cleanser

I finished my tube of Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Face Cleanser and I remained on the fence about it the whole time that I was using it.  I was actually really hoping that I would fall in love with it after using it for two months and it never happened.  I liked the cleanser, it removed most of my makeup and didn't dry my skin out.  I found that I got better results from the product when I used a nickel-sized drop of it instead of the dime-sized drop that I first tried when using it.  Perhaps this is the way that it should have been used the whole time...

I considered buying another tube of this face wash so that I could keep considering if I really liked it or not but I decided to try another brand of face wash and then see if I missed the Clinique face wash or if I easily forgot about it.  I have been using a cleanser from Canadian company B. Kamins for the past few days and so far I haven't yet had a yearning for the Redness Solutions Soothing Face Cleanser.  Yet...  I do wonder if the Clinique product will feel too greasy in the late spring and summer months, my skin is dry but during the warm weather I still can get some oily areas that will be present until right before Labor Day.  I am pretty sure that even if I was in love with the Clinique formula, I would still need to find another formula to use in the warm weather.  It is pretty nice to be thinking ahead to the warm weather and deciding what kinds of skincare I will need to buy for them.

I have used two cleansers from B. Kamins in the past, one formula that I really loved and then one formula that I really hated.  The cleanser that I hated from this company was one of the few products that I have ever not loved from the company so I decided to ignore that unfortunate experience and to order another cleanser from the B. Kamins website.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with this company, it is Canadian-based and the products have been designed to deal with a whole array of skincare woes.  It specializes in creating products that soothe redness, help treat anti-aging, and intensively hydrate dry skin.  This is not really a line that I recommend for people who have normal skin that requires little care but for anyone who really wants to dramatic results (especially with redness or dryness) then this is a line for you!

This time around I ordered the Vegetable Cleanser, a simple cleansing formula that is made for all skin types and is gentle enough to not irritate redness or acne-prone skin.  "A vegetable-based cleanser and makeup remover that dissolves and removes impurities from the face and delicate eye area. Clarifying, soothing and moisturizing ingredients help improve skin's smoothness and elasticity. Oil-, fragrance- and color-free, this gentle formula is ideal for cleansing sensitive skin types, especially post-microdermabrasion and laser-treated skin.  All skin types.  To gently cleanse and remove face and eye makeup while maintaining moisture balance in the skin."

The Features and Benefits of the face wash are...

- Oil-, fragrance- and color-free.
- An all-purpose triple-action product that dissolves dirt, face and eye makeup with a gentle corn-derived skin cleanser.
- Will minimize irritation of the most sensitive skin.
- Mild enough for problem skin conditions such as hypersensitivity, acne, eczema and psoriasis.
- Ideal for post-microdermabrasion or laser treated skin.
- Clarifies and helps improve skin elasticity and smoothness.
- Helps bind water (moisture) to the skin for increased hydration.
- May also be used for shaving.

This is a light gel formula, it works best when applied to wet skin.  It produces a little bit of foam, not near as much as many other gel or foam cleansers however this is what helps it to not irritate problem skin types.  Many people who are used to high foaming products will not think that this foams up enough for them and will run the risk of pumping too much out in order to try and increase the foaming action.  No matter how much or how little I use, I still get very little foam and for me this is a good thing.  A nickel-sized drop of this product created enough cleanser to do my entire face and effectively remove all of my makeup, without severely over drying my face.  That being said, my skin is still on the tight and dry side when I first get out of the shower and I will need to use face cream right away on it, I don't know if this effect will change anytime soon.  All throughout the winter and then well into the spring, I will need to use face cream right after the shower or get the tight feeling to my face, it has been the same with every single face wash that I have ever used so I wasn't expecting miracles in this area. 

I haven't had any adverse effects in the redness area and the tightness when I get out of the shower would have occurred with any face wash that I use this time of the year so I currently have no issues with this product and am pretty happy with it.  I might change my mind later in the spring if my face continues to be dry when I get out of the shower in the beginning of my May but so far so good for now.  This cleanser is another good product from B Kamins and would be a great first product from this line if you are interested in learning about these products.

photo courtesy of B. Kamins

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