Saturday, February 23, 2013

Essie Spring 2013 Collection - Madison Ave-Hue

We are on a roll with the spring collections and today we are going to check yet another one out.  Today we are going to look at a nail polish spring collection instead of a full color collection, I have been loving almost every single nail polish hue that I have seen this spring and I am so excited to check out the latest collection from Essie.  I am still stuck on both the new collection from Butter London and the new polishes from the Illamasqua spring collection, I cannot wait to order one of the speckled polishes and see how it looks when applied to the nail.  The Essie polish collection looks like is going to be a more traditional type of spring collection than either of those, this is certainly not a bad thing.  I am always looking for some new pinks and pretty pastels every single spring season and this collection has the promise to provide some great choices!

This collection from Essie consists of six new polish shades, all of which will be perfect for the upcoming warm weather.  The collection is named Madison Ave-Hue and all of the polishes are named after famous city streets throughout the world.  "Nothing inspires like Madison Ave-Hue.", is the collection description from Essie (the founder of the company).  Madison Avenue is one of my favorite streets in New York City and I wanted this polish from the minute that I saw the name on this polish.  It certainly helps that it is bright pink shade that I really love.  I have a feeling that I will be bringing some new polishes home with me the next time that I visit Ulta...

The first shade in this collection is the shade that inspired the whole name of the collection, Madison Ave-Hue.  This shade is a "Chic upper east side pink steps out in style, turning any ensemble into a million dollar baby.  Cha-ching."  This shade is the shade that is pictured, it is cool medium pink and it appears to have a hint of shimmer in it, I really want to buy this shade and I know that I will wear it all spring and summer.  Hip-anema is the only other bright shade in this collection, most of them are pastels and only two are brights.  This shade is a "Sashay down a sandy runway in poppy-bright red orange and show 'em who's bossa.  Work that beach.".  This bright orange red is not the shade for me.  The website makes it appear more orange than a true red and I know this shade would be too warm for me to pull off.  I will be skipping over the red from this collection but that pink hue has my name all over it!

Now we are going to go onto the area of the collection with the more traditional pastels for spring.  There are four hues in this part of the collection, the blue shade is slightly brighter but not bright enough for me to put it in the other part of this collection.  I can envision myself getting a good amount of use from all of these shades, I tend to wear pales most of the spring and am always looking for new shades.  Bond With Whomever is the first of the shades.  "London's calling.  Pick it up in the posh lilac and click with the cultured clique - here, there, and everywhere."  I have been all over pale lilac shades this season and I would like to add this one to my collection.  Last year, I bought a pale lilac shimmer polish from this company so I do want to see this shade in real life before I purchase it, in case it is almost the exact same shade.  The second of the paler shades is the semi-bright blue.  Avenue Maintain is described as "Fashionably adroit, lovely Parisian blue channels the Je ne said quoi allure of the captial of chic.", this blue is more of a sky blue and it reminds me of a slightly more blue version of For Audrey.  I really like this shade also, this is a great spring blue for me to break away from the navy shades for the season.  I think that I will need to add that shade to my collection.  the next pale shade is Maximillian Strasse-her, "Bavarian style savvy rules this regal boulevard.  In cool gray green, you're promenade queen, no tiara required.".  This pale greenish gray is interesting but I am not totally sure that I love it.  This is another that I want to see in real life, this has the potenital to be really pretty but also has the potential to be very unflattering on my hands.  Pale greens can go either way on my skin so I will decide on this one once I can hold the bottle up to my hand.  The last of the of shades in this collection is Go Ginza, a soft petal pink hue.  "Soft cherry blossom pink invites you into a floating world of quiet luxury and exquisite beauty.  Doma arigato."  This shade would be a staple of my nail polish line up, I go through shades like this shade like crazy all throughout the year. 

The shades that I want the most from this collection are Madison Ave-hue and Go Ginza, I love these pinks and I will wear both of them all the time throughout the spring.  I can't wait to add more pinks to my collection and rock them all spring.  The other shade that I really love from the collection is Avenue Maintain, the bright blue.  This shade will be super fun for pedicures and manicures all spring and then well into summer. 

I love these shades of polishes and I cannot wait to head over to Ulta!

photo courtesy of Essie

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