Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beauty Loves Theme Week Introduction

So it Valentine's Day week and I have decided to try and celebrate something this week and stay positive throughout the dreaded holiday.  What can I celebrate this week?  I can celebrate that I have great friends and family, that I have a job that I love, and that I am earning top grades in grad school.  What else do I love?  Beauty products!  So I have decided that this week we are going to celebrate the beauty products that I have loved for years and have used on a regular basis.  I own so many beauty products at this point that I almost never repurchase anything and I tend to get sick of many products after I use them two or three days in a row. 

Except for the seven products that we are going to highlight this week.  In these seven days, we are going to visit my favorite lip gloss color, the scents that I can never get sick off even when I use them several days in a row, and the face and body products that I have repurchased so many times over the years.  If a product has made the cut this week, then I truely consider it a Holy Grail and an essential item in my collection.

It is time to celebrate the beauty products that I love the most and have been top level performers for me over the years!

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