Sunday, February 3, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls - Betty

This is the last post from the MAC Archie's Girls collection, I already have three pieces sitting in my cart on the MAC website and I will finish up and check out after I finish up with this part of the color collection.  I have a feeling that I will eventually end up with a huge pile of products from this collection and a huge part of my beauty budget will end up being spent on this collection.  I am thinking that I will end up buying my products in three rounds.  The first round is the one that I am on right now, the items that I want right now and cannot live without (and are in stock - that's the kicker!).  The second round will occur when the restock is done and will be done at the counter so I can look at every single shade and make my final decisions on what I must get in this round.  My last round will be any items that were re-stocked very late or that I like but aren't unique enough for me to chase down...

The Betty part of the color collection is my overall favorite, even though I prefer the character of Veronica.  This collection will give me several lip shades that will work throughout the entire year and with all kinds of eye makeup looks.  Since I love MAC Lipsticks and Lipglasses, this is one of the first companies that I will look to when buying new lip products. 

"Beautiful Blonde-Next-Door Betty inspires a limited-edition colour collection with a soft, innocent sexiness. Lipsticks in peaches and pinks beam bright under layers of Lipglass in girly shades. Nail Lacquer in Comic Cute and Pep Pep Pep to win Archie's affection. All packaged in exclusive designs."  The pink Lipsticks are my favorites and I see one that reminds me very much of Viva Glam Gaga (original)...

Betty's colors!

Betty Lipglass - High-gloss, glass-like finish tinted with pale peach, pink and coral as sweet as Betty herself. Wear it alone or pair it with Lipstick for a perfectly glossed look. Limited-edition packaging features Archie's favourite Blonde-Next-Door.
- Summer Sweetheart - light peach
- Stay Sweet - light lavender pink
- Kiss and Don't Tell - bright coral

Betty Lipstick - Colour plus texture for the lips that helped make M•A•C famous. Limited-edition packaging features Blonde-Next-Door Betty.
- Girl Next Door - vivid blue pink
- Betty Bright - light vibrant peach
- Oh, Oh, Oh - sheer brown plum

Betty Nail Lacquer - Limited-edition shades inspired by Betty - the bright coral of Comic Cute and the light nude peach of Pep Pep Pep in our high gloss formula. Provides no-streak/no-chip finish. Contains conditioners and UV protection. Packaging features Archie's favourite Blonde-Next-Door.
- Comic Cute -  bright coral
- Pep Pep Pep - light peach nude

I could only order one of my choices from this collection, Stay Sweet Lipglass is the only item that I wanted that isn't already sold out.  Summer Sweetheart was originally on my list until I saw that the description stated that it is a peach shade, it looked more pink in the picture and now this is one that I must see to make my final decision.  Stay Sweet is the last item that I was able to add to my shopping cart and this one is now on it's way to me.

The Girl Next Door Lipstick is sold out which really despressed me since this is one that I really wanted when I first looked at the collection, this was the one item that I wanted the most.  This one will be going to the top of my list for when the collection is restocked at the counters. 

There is nothing else that I want from this part of the collection, I think Veronica's color collection is the winner here!

This is one of my favorite collections of the whole spring!

photo courtesy of MAC

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