Monday, February 25, 2013

Skincare Ingredients Week Day Two - Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer

Yesterday we started the Skincare Ingredients Week off with anti-oxidant Vitamin C and today we are going to look at another top quality anti-oxidant ingredient.  I am all about anti-oxidants since I am trying to protect my skin from the elements and try to prevent signs of aging before I have to spend time at the dermatologist to correct them.  The second anti-oxidant ingredient that we are looking at this week is the Pomegranate fruit, a fruit widely used in both beauty products and all kinds of foods and beverages.  Pomegranates are one of the hottest ingredients in skincare and the extract is popping up in every single type of skincare product on the market.  I have explored pomegranate in many skincare entries before, this ingredient effectively protects the skin but often does not irritate the skin in the way that Vitamin C can.

Pomegranate fruits have their roots in the Middle East and had been part of their culture for many years before the trend began in the United States and Europe.  Pomegranate has been proven to mostly protect the skin but has also been shown to help reduce some of the visible signs of aging.  The pomegranate fruit extract is mostly effective in helping to restore elastin and making the skin more resilient.  Elastin keeps the wrinkles from forming and the skin from sagging, protecting the elastin fibers will help to slow down the signs of visible aging.  This fruit is most effective at protecting the skin from free radicals, using anti-oxidants will form a protective layer over the skin and bind to the free radicals in the air.

I have used pomegranate-based skincare products many times before so when I thought about this ingredient and what it is used in, I decided that I wanted to try it in a completely different form from what I have used in years previously.  Korres is a company that I have used for many years previously and last spring, they introduced a primer that is spiked with the anti-oxidant ingredient.  I ordered this primer last year and this Sephora order contained both this primer and then so many other skincare products that it is was inspired me to write an entire Theme Week on Skincare Ingredients.  I used this primer all through the spring and summer and then well into before I switched over to a more hydrating formula, I will be picking it up again within the next month and squeezing every last drop out of the tube before I order another.  I once read in an issue of Allure that certain sunscreen ingredients can age the skin so it was important to provide your skin with some type of barrier between the outer layers of the epidermis and the product itself.  A primer will be the perfect product to form that barrier...

"A water-based mattifying, pore minimizing, and skin-perfecting primer.  If your symptoms are visible pores, unwanted shine, and an overall makeup meltdown, then Korres has the remedy for you. This clinically proven, universally nude Pomegranate Mattifying Primer blends to an invisible matte finish while minimizing the appearance of pores, balancing skintone and texture, and preparing skin for smooth makeup application and long-lasting wear. The 94% natural, non-comedogenic formula is water-based so it allows skin to breathe and never clogs pores. The formula is loaded with antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract to help tighten pores, willow bark extract to balance skin, witch hazel water to mattify and tighten while removing excess oil and dirt, and rice starch to absorb excess surface oil and soften skin."

This formula is perfect for the spring and summer, it absorbs excess oil and really helped my makeup to stay in place during the higher temperature days.  I am not the person that really needs a lot of mattifying and pore reduction but I love the improved tone and texture of skin when using this product.  This primer has a much thinner texture than most of the ones that I have used, the texture is that of a very thin lotion and a small amount very quickly absorbs into the skin.  Any skin type will benefit from the use of this primer and it is a great product to have in my spring and summer makeup arsenal.

This product makes me much more interested in what types of skincare benefits can be found in makeup products.  I will keep looking for beneficial ingredients in my primers and foundation along with looking for them in my skincare products.  I hope that this type of primer formula will be the norm very soon and that I will have even more choices like this.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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