Sunday, February 17, 2013

Burberry Spring 2013 Collection - Siren Red

All of last week, I looked back on my favorite brands and products in the beauty industry but today I have decided to check out a brand that I own no makeup from and have never looked at before.  Burberry Beauty is a line that I have not tried before, this is another line that I can only order and can't get anywhere within an hour of my house.  I have drooled over their coats and purses for many years and have tried their fragrance line at my nearby Sephora and have often wished that Sephora would carry their color collection (even a small part of it!) since I can't get it anywhere other than Nordstrom or Saks at this point.  I have been ordering from Nordstrom pretty regularly lately and so far I have had no issues with their Customer Service or shipping departments so I am getting more comfortable with ordering unseen cosmetics or unsniffed fragrances from this company.  This is opening up a new shopping world for me...

The Burberry spring collection that I am looking at is carried on the Nordstrom website and I first noticed it during my obsessive stalking of websites for Archie's Girls.  I feel like I spent so much time searching for pieces of Archie's Girls that I skipped over a few great new collection releases and am now going back and rediscovering some great new products.  This is going to be a great spring for me and a very bad spring for my wallet...

The Nordstrom website provides a product description and an overall collection description for the newest collection from Burberry Beauty.  "Powerfully feminine with glowing shots of color. A runway siren red lip is the focus, complemented by understand eyes and natural, glowing skin. Versatile and playful, the look is elegant and effortlessly seductive."

Here is the newest collection!

Siren Red Sheer Eye Shadow - Experience natural and earthy tones reminiscent of the English countryside and adaptable to all skin tones. Color selection captures the ease and versatility of the collection and ranges from classic trench coat-inspired shades to smoky metals.  Formula: The innovative composition reconciles comfort with long-lasting wear. Light, yet creamy, this performing powder offers optimal adherence.  Benefits: Ensures a smooth application and flawless color fidelity throughout the day. From the most natural look to the most sophisticated finish.  Protection: Silicones provide extreme emollience and comfort.
- No 26 Gold Pearl - light champagne gold shimmer

Siren Red Light Glow Natural Blush - Get a bright and radiant finish with warm glowing skin, reminiscent of the freshness of a spring morning.  Formula: This airy micro-powder ensures rich shades. Silicones provide an easy glide.  Benefits: An effortlessly natural fresh complexion and a healthy glow.  Protection: Provides moisturizing benefits.
- No 9 Coral Pink - bright peach pink
- No 10 Hydrangea Pink - bright rose pink

Siren Red Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipstick - Explore velvet intensity with Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipstick.  Burberry innovation brings a new finish for lips: a velvety matte radiance, inspired by the most opulent of English fabrics. Iconic pigments provide incredibly dense and luminous color, gel technology gives comfortable long-wear performance, while triglycerides and wild rose continuously hydrate. The result is effortlessly elegant, protective and breathable.  Tips: Apply Lip Velvet with fingertips for a natural stain of color or use with a Lip Definer Pencil for a more polished elegance.
- No 310 Military Red - deep cool brick red with a matte finish
- No 311 Bright Poppy - deep cool plum with a matte finish

Lip Glow Natural Lip Gloss - Formula: A creamy touch and perfectly adherent texture. Light oils and spherical powders give fluidity and comfort.  Benefits: Reflects light to create illusion of plumper, fuller lips. Leaves lips supple, glowing with natural highlights and subtle iconic tones.
Protection: Ceramide complex recreates the intercellular cement. Hydrating formula keeps the lips replenished. Fine lines are filled from within, lips are naturally plumped.
- No 19 Mallow Pink - warm pink cream
- No 20 Pink Sweet Pea - bright magenta pink cream
- No 21 Fondant Pink - neutral light pink cream
- No 22 Coral - bright warm peach coral cream

This collection is a nice introduction to the brand, lip products are usually the first product that I try from a new brand and this collection gives me some great choices to try.  I think that I would be more likely to start with the lip glosses for this spring and then try out the red lipstick shade that is featured in this collection.  My first choice would be the bright pink lip gloss, No 20 Pink Sweet Pea is very pretty and will be perfect in the warm weather months, No 21 Fondant Pink is my second choice sine this neutral pink will be wearable in any situation or with any eye makeup look.  I already bought several new lip glosses this spring and this trend shows no sign of stopping any time soon...

In addition to the lip glosses, I can't wait to try out the lipstick formula that is featured in Siren Red.  I want the Siren Red shade the most, I always want to try new formulas of deep red matte lipsticks and I am hoping to find another red lipstick love from this collection.  Lastly, I like the eye shadow shade in this collection but I don't know that I consider it is a "needed" item, I own many pale champagne gold eye shadows since they match every thing and work well with my eye color however this color is not unique enough for me to order it right away.

I look forward to trying some new makeup from Burberry very soon and seeing if this brand adds some hit products to my collection!

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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