Friday, February 15, 2013

Beauty Loves Week Day Six - Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara

With my love of mascara and my obsession with buying and trying new formulas, it will come to no surprise that my Beauty Loves Week includes one of the best formulas that I have ever used.  And I have used a lot of mascaras, I rarely buy the same one twice and always pounce on whatever is new and top rated (from all kinds of companies).  I am very picky with mascaras and reject several for every one that I end up loving.  One the few that I fell madly in love with is the Dior Diorshow Iconic formula from Dior.  Diorshow mascaras have been best selling and top rated formulas ever since the original formula was released and I think that each update to the formula just gets better and better.  Iconic is my favorite of the mascaras and the one that I would repurchase any time that I need mascara. 

This is one of my newer loves from this week, I first tried this formula in 2009 and have bought it several times since then.  I have tried the original Diorshow and the Iconic formulas and I have just received a Beauty Insider sample from Sephora of the new Iconic Overcurl formula.  I cannot wait to try this new formula and to see if I have another mascara love.  More to come on this one!

The Diorshow Mascaras are so famous that Sephora has an entire area on the Dior area of their website devoted just to describing and comparing these award-winning formulas.  I'm waiting for them to get a display with blinking lights in the store. 

Sephora's introduction to the overall Diorshow formula line, "Born from the hands of artists, these backstage essentials are responsible for punctuating many of the beauty statements you see on the runway and red carpet. These mascara legends are also adored for their ability to turn lash aspirations into an everyday attainable and luxurious reality. Create your own spotlight-worthy results with these standout formulas that continue to push the definition of fierce fringe."  All of the formulas of this mascara are great but I want to focus on Diorshow Iconic because this one is my personal favorite.

"A mascara with an innovative oblique brush that curls and defines lashes.  Diorshow Iconic Mascara is the latest in Dior's dazzling range of best-selling mascaras. Created backstage for fashion shows and celebrity red carpet events, the Iconic mascara features an oblique cut brush that gives an extra lash-curling effect. With its long, skinny teeth, the plastic comb brush allows you to precisely coat each lash one-by-one-creating a long, separated fan of lashes that usually takes the skill of a makeup artist. The extra-hold formula provides a 24-hour-curl with 100% smudge-proof results.  Inspired by the tailoring technique of cutting fabric on the bias to create maximum curve, the Iconic brush features soft silicone bristles that spiral around the stem to lift, curl, and separate every lash."

What makes this mascara so special?  This formula just does it all and performs well in every single aspect.  To start with, the brush is so very unique, the plastic comb helps to define each individual lash and prevents against clumping.  I can load this mascara on and clumping is never an issue, unlike many other volumizing formulas of mascara.  Diorshow mascaras are all volumizing and help to create the massive, fake-looking lashes that I crave.  This formula is set apart by how well it volumizes but doesn't run a clumping risk like the original formula.  Iconic holds the curls better than most formulas and helps to make my eyes look huge and wide awake.  Many ladies will layer their mascaras to combine the best of both formulas but I really believe that this formula will give you great volume, curl, definition, and length.  This one formula will do it all and without flaking off or creating a mess when you remove it at the end of the day.

I love Iconic and I now have such high hopes for Iconic Overcurl.  Let's see if I find a new mascara love in the next few weeks!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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