Sunday, February 3, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls - Veronica

Yesterday we looked at the main part of the MAC Archie's Girls collection and today we will go into the Veronica and Betty-inspired mini color collections.  I am thinking that these are going to be the pieces that sell out the quickest, the Lipsticks and Lipglasses in almost every single limited edition collection tend to sell out the fastest and this collection will be no exception.  They are the first two items that I checked out when I started looking at pictures and reviews of the collection, I will want shades in both products from both the Veronica and the Betty lines and this will be the deciding factor as to which collection I spend the most amount of money from.

The Veronica collection is the one that we are going to start with, initially I was the most tempted by the part of the collection since I saw a red lipstick in it.  However once I really began to look at the products, I think that I might want a bit more from the Betty part of the collection as there are some great pink Lipsticks and Lipglasses offered in it.  Perhaps I will just buy the shades from both collections and use the Betty right now and the Veronica ones as the fall comes closer...

Veronica's part of the color collection, "The envy of every girl, Veronica smoulders with a limited-edition colour collection rich in deep, seductive tones. Lipsticks in violet, red and blackened plum play up the va-voom while Lipglass shimmers in shades certain to steal hearts. Nails lacquered in dark berry and navy crème ready for a soda fountain catfight. All packaged in exclusive Archie's Girls designs."  There is a navy Nail Lacquer shade?!?!?  Oh my...


Veronica Lipglass - High-gloss, glass-like finish tinted with violet, red and blackened plum - as rich and ravishing as Veronica herself. Wear it alone or pair it with lipstick for a perfectly glossed look. Limited edition.
- Mall Madness - midtone pink violet
- Strawberry Malt - bright red
- Feelin' So Good - deep blackened plum

Veronica Lipstick -  Colour plus texture for the lips that make M•A•C famous. Exclusive packaging features raven-haired temptress Veronica.
- Daddy's Little Girl - midtone pink violet
- Ronnie Red - bright red
- Boyfriend Stealer - deep blackened plum

Veronica Nail Lacquer - Limited-edition shades inspired by Veronica - the deep berry of Past Curfew and the dark navy crème of Double Trouble in our high-gloss formula. Provides no-streak/no-chip finish. Contains conditioners and UV protection. Packaging features Archie's smouldering seductress.
- Past Curfew - deep berry
- Double Trouble - deep navy

Ronnie Red is the Lipstick shade that I have pictured here, this one is always sold out so I will have to wait for the restock on this shade (though it looks exactly like MAC Red, Red Racer from Hey! Sailor, and the red shade from Venomous Villains...), I will still want to add it to my collection.  Daddy's Little Girl is also sold out from the Lipsticks so this one will also go on my restock shopping list...

Since I can't order either of the Lipsticks that I like, I turned to the Lipglass shades.  I ordered Strawberry Malt even though it was not on my original shopping list, this shade is a pink red and will be very pretty in the spring and summer months.  Mall Madness is now also sold out so this is another shade that I will have to buy at the counters in a few weeks.  From the Nail Lacquers, I want the Double Trouble shade, this navy will be an excellent addition to my polish collection and I will pick it up on my second round (it's not unique enough for me to fight for in the first round).

Now onto Betty's collection!

photo courtesy of MAC

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