Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bath and Body Works From Paris with Love Collection

Around this time last year, Bath and Body Works first introduced my current favorite Signature Collection fragrance, Paris Amour.  I bought the body products in this fragrance right when it was released and I quickly purchased the matching EDT and the lip gloss set in the collection.  I have been using products in this fragrance on and off every since the fragrance was released and now I have several more fragrances to use in this line.  Bath and Body Works has just released a line of variations on the Paris Amour fragrance, three brand new fragrances that each provide a different twist on the original fragrance.  The release of these variations re-sparked my interest in the original fragrance and had me leaving the store with a bag full of products.

Paris Amour is listed as one of best-selling fragrances from Bath and Body Works and is a lovely floral scent that can be used all throughout the year.  We will start with a quick description of this fragrance for anyone that hasn't smelled or used it.  "Ignite the magical feelings sparked after a romantic stroll through the streets of Paris!  Spray on French tulips, apple blossoms, and sparkling pink champagne, blended in our most beatiful fragrance ever!"  The top notes of the original fragrance are: Sparkling Mandarin, Petite Strawberry, Cassis, Pink Champagne, Apple Blossom, Dewy Freesia.  The heart notes are: Luscious Peach, Jasmine Petals, French Tulip, Water Lily, Frangipani.  The bottom notes are: French Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Amber Wood, Sandalwood, Creamy Musk.  Paris Amour always gets me compliments every time that I wear it; the French Tulip, Apple Blossom, and the Sandalwood notes come out on my skin and develops in a lovely floral fragrance.  This is one of the best fragrances that Bath and Body Works has ever introduced and I am very excited to collect all the variations of the fragrance!

"Creamy peony, sweet meringues, and 3 new Parisian-inspired scents take you on a romantic-filled tour of Paris", is the description on the Bath and Body Works website for the overall collection.  The variations contain two floral versions of the fragrance and one gourmand-inspired fragrance.  I love all of the variations and have been looking forward to the release ever since I saw the little versions of the lotions last month.

The first of the new fragrances is Sweet on Paris, this is the gourmand version of the original Paris Amour fragrance.  I can see this being the best selling version since I know how many ladies love the gourmand types of fragrances and Bath and Body Works offers very few fragrance like this, this is an "enticing medley of juicy blackberry, lemon meringue, and creamy vanilla."  This fragrance will be great for the fall months but it is too heavy to wear right now.  The top notes of Sweet on Paris are: Sparkling Tangerine, Raspberry Kir, Luscious Blackberry, Lemon Meringue.  The middle notes are: Jasmine Macaroon, Apricot, Pink Peony, Juicy Nectarine.  The bottom notes of the fragrance are: Sugared Musk, Pink Marshmellow, Creamy Sandalwood, Vanilla Infusion.  I love this fragrance in the Shower Gel and the Body Lotion however the Fragrance Mist is too sweet for me to wear as a fragrance.  I can see the scent selling well in all formulas however I will be sticking with the body products in it and not adding it to my perfume collection.

The second of the three fragrances is my favorite, Paris in Bloom.  This fragrance is a light floral and I think that it is the closest to the original fragrance.  Paris in Bloom is "a beautiful bouquet of pink peony, dewy pear, and blonde woods."  I love the fragrance of peonies and this one has been my favorite since I first tried the lotion tester.  The top notes are: Sparkling Grapefruit, Crisp Apple, Dewy Pear, Wild Red Berries.  The middle notes of the fragrance are: Lily of the Valley, Peony Petals.  The bottom notes are: Vanilla Orchid, Cashmere Woods, Velvety Musk.  This is another fragrance that I love in the body products but I won't be buying in the Fragrance Mist.  I originally wanted to add it to my perfume collection as well as my body product collection however when I tried on the Fragrance Mist tester, the fragrance came out more of a citrus than I expected it to.  the Pear and Grapefruit notes came out on my skin and it took about an hour for the Peony note to even begin to emerge.  Even when the Peony note came out, it was too faint for me to warrant adding this fragrance to my perfume collection.  I still love the body products in this fragrance though and am deciding how much I want to stock up on it.

Paris Nights is the last of the three new variations and was my least favorite when I smelled the lotion testers from the bottle.  This fragrance is the deepest and strongest of the new variations.  This fragrance is based on French Jasmine and is "a seductive blend of French Jasmine, clementine, and cabernet musk".  This fragrance is a mixture of the jasmine and the musk, this fragrance is best for saving for the fall and winter months.  The top notes of this fragrance are: Bergamot Italian, Camellia, Fresh Dewberry, Clementine, Waterlily.  The heart notes are: Quince, Red Rose, Wild Orchid, Night Blooming Jasmine, Blueberry Blossom, Purple Freesia.  The base notes of the fragrance are: Patchouli Leaf, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Mahogany Wood.  This version of the fragrance was the only one that I liked in the Fragrance Mist but I don't love it enough to add it to my collection, there are a bunch of fragrances that I want to buy this fall and I don't have enough room for all of them.  I like the body products in this fragrance and I will be adding them to my collection.  The lotion is this fragrance smells very nice on me and I will be using it this fall and winter.

Earlier this week, I bought the Body Lotion and Shower Gel in each of these fragrances and I am deciding which fragrances that I will want to buy back ups of, I really like each of these variations.  I think my favorite is still the Paris in Bloom, I love this light floral scent and the peony note comes out best in the body products.  One of my favorite aspects of this collection is the Shimmer Mist bottles, they are in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and would look so pretty on my dresser.  It is too bad that i would never use the shimmer mist but I can't just buy the product for the bottles. 

Another aspect that I love from the Paris variations collection is that Bath and Body Works has released a candle in Paris Amour and three other candles in Paris-inspired fragrances.  I already bought the Paris Amour candle and the Cafe au Lait candle and a series of Paris-inspired makeup bags.  Oh and a bunch of the Paris Pocketbacs, I just can never get enough of Paris Amour and Parisian-inspired products.  This is one of my favorite fragrance releases from Bath and Body Works this year and I plan to stock up on the body products in both the Paris in Bloom and Sweet on Paris fragrances over the next few months!

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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