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OPI Fall 2012 Collection - Germany Collection

The Germany Collection from OPI is one of the collections that I have been most excited about ever since I began to see previews and hear about some of the different fall collections.  I have been haunting the OPI website for the past few weeks and I am so excited to see that this collection in finally up and ready for me to buy!  The Holland Collection for spring was one of my favorite spring collections and I know that the Germany Collection will hold the same place in my heart.  I went to Germany when I was in high school and toured Europe for several weeks one summer.  I was so excited to visit Italy and France that I never really thought about Germany and Austria.  Within a day of my tour, I fell in love with some of the little towns that I saw in Germany and I want to return to the country within the next five years!

It seems that OPI is going many of the seasonal collections on places in the world, we already talked about the Holland Collection however over the previous two years, this company has featured different landmarks and states in the United States for their collections.  Personally, I love that this company is heading back to Europe and picking up their inspiration from some of my favorite countries and cities in the world. 

This collection contains a real variety of shades, I see deep jewel tones, nudes, and even a mustard yellow shade in here.  Some of these shades will be perfectly on trend for the fall months, some will be a bit of a stretch but I suspect that all of the shades will sell very well.  I am sensing an Ulta trip in my very near future, I will work it all in around work and the upcoming first week of classes.  I am going to be a very busy girl this fall but I sincerely hope that I can keep up with the beauty industry as much as I currently do.

Here are the shades in the OPI Germany Collection!

- Don't Talk Bach To Me - light mustard yellow with a hint of pale green
- Schnapps Out Of It! - medium terracotta cream
- Deutsch You Want Me Baby? - deep orange with gold shimmer
- Danke-Shiny Red - deep cool red with a subtle silver shimmer
- German-ciure by OPI - deep brick red with red shimmer
- Suzi and the 7 Dusseldorfs - medium purple with subtle red shimmer
- Every Month is Oktoberfest - deep cool purple with red and gold shimmer
- Unfor-Greta-bly Blue - medium teal frost
- Nein!  Nein!  Ok Fine! - deep forest green cream
- Berlin There Done That - medium cool gray cream
- My Very First Knockwurst - pale pink cream
- Don't Pretzel My Buttons - pale beige cream

Overall, this is a strong collection of shades but there isn't really one or two major standouts.  I really like several of the shades however there isn't any one that jumps out at me and is so unique that I must buy the polish on my next shopping trip.  OPI has never really been known for having super unique shades however they excel at having a huge shade range and shades that can be worn in many different circumstances.  The oddest shades in this collection are the Don't Talk Bach To Me (pale mustard) and Schnapps Out Of It! (terracotta), neither of these two shades are my cup of tea and I will be skipping over both of them.

When I first saw that there would be a blue hue offered in this collection, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that this would be my favorite shade of the group.  While I do like Unfor-Greta-bly Blue, this isn't the most unique blue that I have ever seen and since it has a bit of a teal cast, it is very similar to China Glaze Sexy in the City (which I already own).  Unless this shade looks very different when I see it in person, this shade won't be on my first round of shopping from this collection. 

My favorites in this collection are the red and purple shades, my favorite shade overall Danke-Shiny Red.  This is a cool red with subtle silver shimmer, it is more subtle than China Glaze's Ruby Pumps (no glitter!) and a lighter hue than Heart of Africa from the same company, I really love this OPI shade.  I like the German-icure shade too, however this shade is pretty close to Deborah Lippmann's Since I Fell For you so this is another one that I like but don't really need to own.  Every Month is Oktoberfest is a great jewel tone and this is one that I don't own a very similar shade and will want to buy the next time that I go to Ulta.  The last two shades that I really want are tw of the more neutrals, I can never have enough neutrals to add to my everyday shade line up, Berlin There Done That and My Very First Knockwurst are my two choices from this category, Berlin There Done That is a great addition to me gray collection and I will wear this shade at least twice a week in the fall months.

This is a very strong collection for OPI, there are many shades in this line up that I feel very strongly about and I can see this collection selling very well.  The jewel tones are my top picks for the fall but I can many different women adapting a shade or two from this collection into their style!

photo courtesy of OPI's Facebook page

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