Thursday, August 16, 2012

Matrix Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

At the very end of last month, I spent a long afternoon at my favorite salon and walked out with a full head of lowlights.  My hair color and style goal is to have my hair almost the same hue and cut as Rooney Mara.  My stylist told me that this transformation will take at leat two visits in total and lots of care in between visits.  She has never done me wrong on what she thinks will work for my hair type and face shape and every product that she has recommended for me has worked wonders for my hair.  Needless to say, when she recommended a new shampoo and conditioner to me on my last visit, I brought a bottle of each of them right up to the register.  I have already used a series of Matrix products over the years and have always been happy with the results so when she recommended the Color Care Shampoo and matching conditioner.

One of the major concerns after I got my lowlights was color fading, I run outside in the summer months which can have an awful effect on hair color.  I don't want my lowlights becoming too light since then my whole first visit will have gone to waste.  The whole Matrix Color Care line contains Fade Guard Technology with Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil.  I bought the shampoo and conditioner at my last visit and I might want to buy more products in the line when I go next month.

The shampoo is a lightly scented, thick cleanser that produces a little bit of thick foam.  "Gently cleanses dulling residue.  Renews moisture and helps strengthen porous hair."  A shampoo with less cleansers will strip less color out of the hair, preserving all the color that has been added to it.  If you dye your hair and then don't use a color protecting shampoo on it then all of your color will be striped out of it, leaving it uneven in both texture and tone.  This shampoo promises (when used with the conditioner) that you will not see color fading for 45 washes.  By the time that I get to 45 washes, I will be back at the salon, I only wash my hair every other day so using this combination will give me about three months of minimal fading.  So far I have been using this combination for about three weeks and I haven't noticed any fading or color dulling, I am very happy with this product.  This product contains UV protectors, so I am hoping that the sun will not reak havoc on my lowlights.  My only minimal complaint with this shampoo is that I have to rinse this formula a bit more than I have to with other blends, it is on the heavier side and takes a bit longer under the water to fully get all the product out.

After I use the shampoo, I follow it up with the matching conditioner.  "Moisturizes and nourishes.  Provides lasting shine and color care."  The conditioner formula is made to complement the shampoo formula, the shampoo is the star of the two products.  The conditioner is made to hydrate the hair and then to completely seal the cuticle so it lies flat.  When the cuticle is closed, the hair is less prone to fading and uneven texture issues.  This conditioner is very rich and only a small amount is needed to cover the hair.  The first time that I used it, I squeezed way too much out and ended up wasting a ton of product.  A quarter-sized drop is all that I need to obtain hydrating and smoothing results. 
This line might be my favorite of all the Matrix Shampoo and Conditioner lines, I love how soft and smooth my hair is and my color hasn't had any noticeable fading after almost three weeks.  This formula is very thick and rich so I cannot see it being the best choice for ladies with fine hair, I would only recommend this line for medium to thick hair types.  The Color Care line has several other products in it, I am very interested in the deep treatment mask.  I already own the PhytoCitrus color care mask but when I am done with that product, I would like to purchase the selection from this line. 

Another winning recommendation from my wonderful hair stylist!

photo courtesy of Matrix

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