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Shu Uemura Fall 2012 Collection - Precious Chocolate Exquisite Raspberry

I still have very fond memories of visiting the Shu Uemura store that used to be on Newbury Street in Boston, however as this brand is no longer available in the United States, I will never again have this same opportunity.  This store was amazing, products and shades from the ceiling to the floor...this store was one of my versions of heaven.  Visiting the company's website is still nice however it will never have the same charm as the store did.  I wish that I could visit a store or a counter just one more time so that I can see all the shades in real life and play around with all the great products that this company has to offer...

The newest collection for fall is now available on the United States website for Shu Uemura, this collection is named Precious Chocolate Exquisite Raspberry.  This collection holds some promise for me, it contains a full range of browns for every facial feature.  I am hoping for some great new eye makeup to order from this website, I own a large range of browns and would love to add a few more to my collection.  I currently am in search of a good deep brown with a matte finish, I already own Werewolf from the Tarte and True Blood Eye Palette and I have application issues with it.  I want a matte brown that applies well and has full pigmentation, it would be nice if my search was over after looking at the products in this collection!

"Chocolate paired with raspberry and mocha creates such a delightfully rich palette.  For the fall season, create sensual smoky brown eyes using metallic warm shades and rich matte brown shadows."  Rich matte brown shadows?!  These four words are music to my ears!!

Here is the fall collection from Shu Uemura!

Stage Performer Instant Glow - Glow from the inside out!  Stage-inspired multi-functional beauty cream to enhance makeup finish and deliver a natural glow.  Contains ginkgo leaf extract to fight oxidation.  Instantly, skin appears more luminous, translucent and smooth.  Provides 24-hour lasting moisture.

Face Architect Illuminating Moisture Fluid Foundation - Capture the glow.  This liquid foundation is designed to achieve an illuminating glow finish.  With its pleasantly rich texture, this foundation spreads to conceal skin imperfections flawlessly while maintaining a complexion that glows as from within.  The formula is enriched with high concentrations of naturally derived ingredients including macadamia seed oil to support the glowing finish as well as moisturizing benefits.  Provides a high comfort wear to the skin that lasts all day.  Available in a wide range of shades for all skin tones.

Pro Gel Cealer - Ultimate fit and fix for perfect coverage.  Seamlessly cover any imperfections with a concealer that lasts all day long.  Thanks to the gel texture, the formula blends naturally onto the skin, fitting precisely on the imperfection area.  Available in a range of shades to suit all skin tones.

Glow On - Create appetizing complexion with fruity autumnal cheek colors.  Two limited shades inspired by delicious fruit flavored chocolate. 
- Framboiser - deep cool raspberry
- Apricot - medium warm peach

Synthetic Brush 10 - Designed with synthetic fiber, this brush is ideal for powder, cream, and liquid eye shadow application.  It is also suitable for light applications as well as covering/blending blemishes and discolorations.  The brush size is made especially for easy control of makeup application.

Natural Brush 18r Red - Goat bristles have the ideal intensity for face powder and cheek color application, bronzing, as well as dusting off excess powders.

Natural Brush 20 - Made with pony hair, this brush is ideal for face powder face color application.  The soft, flexible bristles are best for sharply defined cheeks and precise, delicate shading.  Also suitable for applying face powder.

Compact Powder (Refill) - Loose powder softeness in a compact.  Compact powder with a soft feel on skin.  Glides smoothly on the skin, achieving lasting transparency and comfort.  Comfortable texture.  Soft as loose powder, this product provides a smooth, silky and non-heavy feeling to the skin.  The micro cushion powders fit perfectly to the skin and creates a fine satiny feel.  Beautiful lasting finish.  Particles to absorb serum and sweat are wrapped in a clear gel network to prevent makeup fading without any drying effect.  Natural glow from within.  Natural shine powder coating has the same index of refraction as skin sebum so that the powder blends in perfectly with skin color, creating lively natural glow to the skin.  Includes a sponge made with an extra smooth surface for application.

Raspberry and Mocha Palette - Choco-inspired six eye shadows are assorted in the limited edition refillable custome case quad, which design is inspired by a box of luxurious chocolates. 
- sparkling bronze/pearl petal pink/pearl soft peach/pearl purple aubergine/matte reddish brown/creamy dark brown

Choco-Lash - Limited edition false eye lashes inspired by fine design of decorative chocolate.  Brown feather with gold and silver accents melts naturally into any shade of eye makeup.

Eye Lash Curler - The emblematic, best-selling and award-winning Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler featuring enhanced design and upgraded features for ultimate precision that delivers the perfect curl.  Upgraded silicone pad in a new "mushroom" shape provides a protective, stay-put edge for improved safety and optimum curl.  Upgraded patented hinge with precise engineering applies perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes.  Curved angle suits all eye shapes.  Calculated shape and size of frame length and ergonomic handles ensure stability and control.

Eye Light Pencil White - Highlight and enhance.  Dual-ended soft crayon pencil ideal for use as an eye liner or highlighter.  Two finishes, matte white and pearl white, to achieve brighten, lighten, and lifted look.

Natural Brush 10 - A basic eye shadow brush for bringing out various effects, it is suitable for a powder, cream, and liquid eye shadow.  The brush size is made especially for easy control of eye makeup.

Painting Liner - A range of eyeliners for precise application on the eyes.  The formula has an ultra-smooth, soft, creamy texture with vivid color payoff that allows you to draw long, continuous lines without flaking.  The freshly applied color is waterproof and smudge-proof.  All shades are blendable to create a unique custom look.
- Black - black

Natural Brush 5f - Made with sable hairs, this brush is ideal for powder, cream, and liquid eye shadow and eye line application.  5f can also be used for making gradations on small areas such as the lower eye lid and to correct fine areas on the lips.

Natural Brush 4f - Made with sable hairs, this brush is ideal for powder, cream, and liquid eye shadow and eye line application.  It is suitable for drawing eyelines, or blending along the eye line.

Natural Brush 2r - Made with sable hairs, this brush is ideal for powder, cream, and liquid eye shadow and eye line application.  The soft bristles are suitable for drawing eye lines in delicate areas with precision and perfection.  By wetting the brush tips, the powder eye shadows can be drawn as fine lines.

Synthetic Brush 12 - Designed with synthetic fiber, this brush is ideal for powder, cream, and liquid eye shadow application and concealer.  The easy to control brush creates delicate to strong application.

Kolinsky Brush 10f - The flat brush is suitable for contouring, accentuating lines, and smudging colors.

Kolinsky Brush 11 - For use with powder, cream, and liquid eye shadow application.  The long, spread out bristles provide a light touch that is best for blending and building color.

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine - A fusion of breakthrough watery dewy shine and rich color payoff.  Revolutionary film keeping capsule, ultra shine oil and Shu Uemura's signature hybrid pigment create a smooth, thick film on lips that glides on easily to deliver unforseen shine and vibrant pure color payoff.
- BR760 - shimmering cocoa

Gloss Unlimited - Easy-to-wear vivid shades in vibrant color.  Each shade delivers intense color fidelity and brightness, 3 dimensional shine effect in a non-sticky formula that keeps lips hydrated and soft, sheer coverage.
- 283s - rich golden mauve (cool undertone)

Nail Color - Tint your nails with melted dark chocolate and decorate with delicious sprinkles.  Nail color in two limited edition shades of the collection.  Dark chocolate shade gives chic yet feminine allure to your fingertips.  Icing glitter can be used iteself or on top of other nail color to add accent.
- Icing Glitter - gold glitter
- Dark Chocolate - deep rich chocolate brown

My initial thought when I was looking at this collection is that there are way too much brushes that will be needed to create the look on the model.  Shu Uemura brushes are top rated in the industry and I am aware that most makeup artists swear by all the brushes from this company however very few people (with the exception of makeup artists) own the full complement of Shu brushes in order to create this look as suggested.  If I really need all the brushes listed with this collection to create the look, I would be more likely to find another version of this look rather than purchase every single type of brush.  I am willing to bet that not every single one of the listed brushes are needed and I could get away with creating a very similar look with my normal rotation of eye makeup brushes.

But I digress...I love the eye shadow palette that seems to be the star product of this collection.  This is the only product that I would be likely to order from Japan.  I will have to find a few reviews and pictures of this palette before I order it but it looks very promising and has a deep, creamy brown shade that I have been looking for.  I am also interested in the cream eye liner and I might order it in more shades than just the black that is suggested with this collection, there is really nothing else that is catching my eye in this collection.

This is one of my least favorite collections of the season, I love the eye shadow palette but nothing else catches my attention and I would never be able to buy and use (on a daily basis!) all the brushes that seem to be needed to create the look on the model.  I want to order the eye shadow palette but that's about it...

photo courtesy of Shu Uemura

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